2019 Ford Edge

We have seen a concept of the 2019 Ford Edge at auto show in Los Angeles in the 2013, and now it is translated to the real world without many changes regarding its great look. On the other hand, under the hood there are a lot of changes that we are pleased to introduce.


The first thing that you notice while having a glance at the new 2019 Ford Edge is the new exterior style. It has sleek new lines that create an effect like it is always in motion. Also, there are brand new hatch and rear end which are completing the overall new expression. It is a look that upgrades the SUV silhouette of this 2015 Ford Edge, pushing the design closer to a first-class expression without cutting into its neutral charm.


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Some of the features that are standard for every Edge model are six-speed automatic, paddle shifters, and normal and sport driving modes. Compared to previous models, the 2019 Ford Edge has better interior finishes, sportier dashboard look with the central touchscreen. The layout of knobs and buttons on the board is more functional and has a better design. Another highlight of this vehicle is comfort, with its longer body there is much more cargo space and more room for passengers in both rows. And even though there is no third row integrated in this model, there is more small-item storage space and bigger door pockets.


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The choice between two engines will be available for the future customers, depending on their budget and wishes. The basic one is with powertrain of overall 245 horsepower, 270 lb-ft EcoBoost 2.0 liter I4, or a 265 horsepower 3.5 liter V6. Another one is 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6 with more than 300 horsepower and it is part of the Edge Sport model. Whatever option you choose, it is combined with front wheel drive and all-wheel drive possibilities. When it comes to safety, there are a lot of extra features available along with the new airbag mounted in the glove box frame to better protect passenger knees, which comes with the standard equipment.

2019 Ford Edge Release date and Price

The 2019 Ford Edge is expected on the American market early next year. When it comes to pricing, we don’t know anything specific yet, but company announced that prices will be unveiled right before the lunch date. All we can say at this point is that we are excited and can’t wait to see this model on the streets next year, and also are hoping that pricing will be reasonable and without any big surprises.

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