2017 Dodge Dakota Specs and Engine

This model might be older than you. It was “born” 24 years ago, that means back in the 1987 year. The Dodge had decided to retire Dakota for some time and now they’ve put it back on the production line. The car sales weren’t very high, so they didn’t have any good reason to continue to invest in it. This one is a mid size pickup truck. According to all parameters this car has great chances to succeed in the market. This vehicle was among the top 5 on the 2016 Chicago Auto Show.

Exterior Style

2017 Dodge Dakota review

When we take a close look to the exterior style we can notice the unibody platform. If you have heard for the Ridgeline models you will notice too many similarities. It is a typical design that every masculine truck should have. It looks big and strong, ready to transport anything that you can throw at it.

2017 Dodge Dakota Interior Design

2017 Dodge Dakota interior

If they want to dominate the market then they should pay special attention on the modern technology because pretty interior doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t backed up with the latest technology updates. The WI–FI, Bluetooth connections and voice commanding technology, much room inside the cabin, leather and carbon fiber materials are just a small piece of the story that this cars interior has to brag about.

Dodge Dakota Engine Specs

2017 Dodge Dakota  side

Two great engines are associated with 2017 Dodge Dakota and those are the V6 that should reportedly have a displacement of 3.7 l and the other one is V8 with a displacement of 4.7l. Some of the similarities that this machine has with its competitors are exactly the same engines. The elemental engine should have 210 hp. Expect to see the 5 speed automatic transmission to be offered beside the manual 6 speed transmission. Another advantage for all those indecisive is the option between diesel and petrol type of engines.

2017 Dodge Dakota Price and Release Date

Don’t wait for this car in the first quarter of the 2016 year because the chances of its appearing are very small. Some experts predict that the powerful Dodge Dakota will arrive either in the late period of the II quarter or probably in the beginning of the 2017 year. When we talk about the price, that information can never be 100% accurate, but the most talked amount of money is $25,000. Don’t get confused, the full equipped model will cost much more than that.

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