2017 Ferrari California T – Get New Platform, Radical Look

No matter which model we are talking about any Ferrari vehicle will always have a good reputation and glory. Ferrari California is just another star in the Ferrari sky. Every part of this Ferrari will be revised and changed if it is necessary. The first debut that this model had been, two years ago, was in Geneva 2014 International Motor Show. Its predecessor is Ferrari California. Not many people know that Ferrari was first one to introduce the Apple CarPlay.

2017 Ferrari California T Exterior Design

2017 Ferrari California T
It is a 2+2 model which means more seats; more people will be able to enjoy your Ferrari. The new platform also has been announced in the media. If the price of your car doesn’t attract the attention of your surroundings the powerful red, yellow, blue and white certainly will. You have the option to remove the roof and turn it back on until you count up to fourteen seconds. The wheels should be made out of the aluminum and they will probably be specially adjusted for easier handling the speeds. Ferrari team definitely knows how to make the exterior package that can sell the car well. Because you know what they say, the package sells the product.

2017 Ferrari California T back

2017 Ferrari California T Interior Style

The interior looks will surely this time again pick up all the compliments. The disadvantage of Ferrari is that he is not famous by offering much space and the back seats are more adapted for your bags than other people. Ferrari’s interior can best be described as a tight dress for girls. It looks good, it looks brutal, but the feeling is painful and uncomfortable. This car is usually made for the loners who don’t need to transport many things or don’t have a family, little kids. For those people that like freedom more than themselves. It is very unpractical and inflexible.

2017 Ferrari California T Engine Specs

The 2017 Ferrari California T is even hungrier for power and speed so they have replaced the old engine with the V8 that has a displacement of 3.9l and 552 hp. The top speed is calculated to be 196mph. In 3.3 sec. it can reach the speed of 60 mph.

2017 Ferrari California T New Specs

2017 Ferrari California T Price and Release Date

It is one of the “cheapest” Ferrari cars. Well, that is a relative subject because not everybody can say that $200,000 or more are something that they carry in their wallets every day. The release date is still a mystery.

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