2017 Ford Transit

The 2017 Ford Transit is one of the Ford’s better vans out there. The first van was made fifty years ago, so this is now the 6th generation that will continue with the tradition. The 1st fire crucify will be in America. I think it will rise even more. The Chicago Auto Show won’t miss the chance to launch this van to the stars.

2017 Ford Transit Exterior Style

2017 Ford Transit back
The front grill will be improved with the new chrome parts. For the better engine cooling the front grille has modified the fog lights and air vents for the air to circle even easier. LED lights will be used for the front and rear lights. When you combine the alloy wheels with the updated braking system you get the magic formula for the better driving experience. There will be more room in the luggage for your stuff.

2017 Ford Transit Interior Design

2017 Ford Transit interior
This van can reactive really a large number of people, from eight, twelve up to fifteen that is the maximum. The stability control system will be of great help in parking such a big vehicle. We expect the parking assist system, the rear backup sensors, the emergency brake assist, the rear backup camera, better seat belts and everything else that is necessary for the safe and secure ride. The seats should be from some soft touch material and the steering wheel will probably be updated with many new options. The colors in which seats are made of are also very light and soft. The interior will also have a lot of free space.

2017 Ford Transit side

2017 Ford Transit Engine Specs

This time, Ford has decided to use the EcoBoost engine for its needs that has a displacement of 3.5l and 310 hp. The 2nd one could be a V6 with 275 hp. That is not the end. Another option is mentioned very often and that is the diesel engine which allegedly should dispose with the 185 hp and 3.2 l of displacement. It is a five cylinder type. Every engine will get a 6 speed transmission.

2017 Ford Transit Price and Release Date

Many factors can affect and change the price; some of them are the engine type, the equipment that will follow it and the full package that Ford has come up with. Probably it won’t cost less than $30,000 and not more than $50,000. Big chances are that it will start selling this year; only the season will be known later on.

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