2017 Jaguar F Pace SUV Price

This type of SUV comes in 6 different models and those are: the F – Pace Sport, F – Pace, F Pace Premium, F – Pace Prestige, F – Pace First Edition, F – Pace S. This car has all the sports features to look good and to drive even better. The 2017 Jaguar F Pace SUV has become worldly famous on the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. The competitors for this company are the globally known 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC and the 2015 BMW X3 and they are not playing around. Its predecessor was the Jaguar C – X17. The Jaguar F Pace it is predicted to be one of the best selling models in the future in the comparison with other Jaguar cars.

2017 Jaguar F Pace SUV Exterior Design

2017 Jaguar F Pace SUV side

The car is designed in such a way that it has light weight construction thanks to the aluminum from which it was made of. If for example they would use the steel it would significantly add extra weight and slow down the vehicle. Improved aerodynamic is also a big plus for this beast. You will also get LED headlamps and day running lights. In the case that your eyes miss out something with the help of these lamps you will have the eyes of a tiger. The wheels are alloy type, 22 inches and it is available in white, blue, silver, red, caramel, black and some other colors.

2017 Jaguar F Pace SUV Interior Style

2017 Jaguar F Pace SUV interior
Everything is kept in control with the new Incontrol Touch system. Some of the most important features that this system poses are the: Jaguar InControl Apps, Navigation guidance with it also comes the Integrated Text To Voice feature and the Bluetooth Phone Connectivity. Welcome to the 21st century. The first impression you will probably form when you look at the interior is beautiful and expensive.

2017 Jaguar F Pace SUV

2017 Jaguar F Pace SUV Engine Specs

The top speed is calculated to be 129 mph and the acceleration from 0 – 60 mph is estimated for 8.2 sec. The engine has 180 hp and 4000 rpm. The 2017 Jaguar F Pace uses the inline 4 that has a displacement of 2.0l with the 8 speed automatic transmission.

2017 Jaguar F Pace SUV Price and Release Date

The original price for this piece of art is $40,990 but if you are lucky enough, you can own this vehicle for only $800 per month. The Jaguar Company has already released this model for sale.

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