2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid Review

2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid is still a kind of mystery, and the full specifications would have to wait the date of the official presentation.

Release Date

Toyota Auris Hybrid is still a kind of mystery since there was not any official presentation of this car. Moreover, there are not any announcements of the manufacturer regarding the potential presentation but it is expected that this car would hit the showrooms in the first quarter of 2016. Furthermore, there are not any data regarding the release date for sales of this model. However, it is estimated that the sales of this car would commence during end of 2016 or during the middle of 2017.
2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid

2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid Price

The fact that 2017 Auris Hybrid has not been presented officially by the manufacturer and that there are not any dates for the commencement of sales of this car means that there are not specific prices for specific trims and equipment packages for this car. This is expected to be known after the official presentation of this model in 2016.


2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid back
The exterior design of 2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid would be the one of a hatchback. The lines would be very smooth and aerodynamic. Furthermore, the car would be produced with four doors and a trunk door, even though there is a rumour that there would be a model with two doors. In order to stay trendy, the manufacturer would also include the newest LED technology for the production of headlights and taillights while the fog lamps would be nicely incorporated in the front bumper.


2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid interior

2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid would be made in such a way as to have two rows of seats which would have the capacity for five passengers. Comfort would be guaranteed by a lot of space and by the usage of good quality materials for seats and upholstery. Furthermore, the manufacturer would also include a lot of settings which would be very modern and high-tech, like satellite navigation and optional touchscreen.


The engine option of 2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid is also a big mystery since the manufacturer has not revealed any data regarding this issue. However, there are certain speculations that the manufacturer would chose to incorporate a 1.6 liter engine under the hood of this car. Regarding the strength of this car, it is expected that the maximum output would be about 135 horsepower. Taking into account the fact that we are talking about a hybrid, then it is normal to establish that this engine option would be also paired with an electric engine which would have a plug-in. The manufacturer would also pay great attention to the fuel consumption of this car, and it is expected that the combined fuel consumption would be about 30 mpg. Furthermore, it is also believed that this car would also have good acceleration rate, i.e. 10 seconds would be quite enough for reaching 60 mph.
On the basis of the know things, Toyota Auris Hybrid would be definitely worth the attention.

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