2017 Toyota GT 86 Convertible Luxury and Speed

Reading the title of the car, perhaps you wont figure it out immediatelly which car type we are talking about. In this case that would be really justifiably. Why is that? Because this type of cars name has been changing all the time, but especially it’s depending of the market. So, that means it can appear as a Scion (North America), as Toyota GT 86 (Europe, New Zeland), Toyota 86 (Asia, Australia, New Zeland), and as a Toyota FT 86 (Nicaragua and Jamaica). Interesting, isnt it…So after all, it seems another name is in the air, the Toyota FR-S. Let’s see this multiname car – 2017 Toyota GT 86 Convertible, what has to offer.

Exterior and Interior

2017 Toyota GT 86 Convertible review
For the first sight, it may have a look that nothing happened in the redesigning procedure. But actually, it does. The front fascia will get a modified bumper. There will be also new foglights, and the headlights will get a wholy new graphics, and of course equipped with LED tecnology. At the rear of the vehicle we will notice a redesigned bumper, and changed diffuser. The taillights will appear this time with a new graphics. Beside, the standard colours, perhaps they going to take in new colours as well.
2017 Toyota GT 86 Convertible interior
Until now, we dont have official infromations about the 2017 Toyotas GT 86 interior. But despite to this, the expectation are big, beacuse the major changes, when it comes this model, are going to happen right here, in the cabin. It will be probably equipped with the latest tehnology safety features. The infotainment system, is going to be updated as well. For the upholstery probably they will combinate leather and other quality materials. Overall, the exterior and the interior will keep of course, it’s sporty mighty look.
2017 Toyota GT 86 Convertible autos how

2017 Toyota GT 86 Convertible Engine and Performance

According to it’s predecessor, which engine was weaker, and that it would be desirable a little change, we can suppose that it’s going to happen actually. So that could be a turbo-four 2.0-liter engine, what could reach around 200 hp. The fuel economy is very possible. The six-rated manual and automatic transmissions will get updates and changes, and it will result in a speed 60mph in 0.5 second. It’s pretty nice.

Release Date and Price

The new 2017 Toyota GT 86 Convertible is expected on the market, at the second half of the 2016 year, as a 2017 model. The price will variate depending of the type of the transmission, what means the price of the car with manual transmission will be $27,600, and with the automatic will be around $28,700.

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