2018 Ferrari FF – News and Price

The new Ferrari FF is on it’s way. But this time, it’s coming in a full updated and refreshed version, with a much more advantages, motor power, redesigned style and other configuration. The 2018 Ferrari FF is coming as a fourth model year. It is actually an upgraded model, and it’s predecessor appeared in the 2011 year. It is also interesting to notice that the first Ferrari FF has been presented first of all as all wheel drive vehicle at the Geneva Auto Show in the 2011 year.

Exterior and Interior

The new Ferrari FF will bring with itself the predecessors leftovers, but also it will appear as the updated version. Trully, there were elements which had to be replaced. The major changes you can see on the bumper, and there will noticeable also the new air intakes, what makes sure about engine cooling. They added a refreshed aprons and a revised grill. The front grill is now much shorter and smaller. The front fascia had also some changes, and a diffuser is a different a little bit. So you can see, some minor changes, but overall, the outside look stayed almost the same.

In the 2018 Ferrari FF cabin will be noticeable some changes, but it will still remain as it was. The novelty means new upholstery design and colors as well. The infotainment system could get some innovations, as it will got some new additions when it comes to tehnology part, it will get a full updated version.

2018 Ferrari FF Engine and Performance

Under the hood will happen the bigger changes. It will still using the old engine the 6.3-liter V12, but it will be fully updated. It will be capable to achieve 660 hp and 503 pund-feet of torque. To all of this, probably they will be full charged and with that it will produce 700 hp and 530 pound-feet of torque. The top speed is ranked on 211 mph. By some rumors, the FF version will have a new engine a 3.9-liter V8, and that could produce an amazingly 550 hp. It will be, could be linked with an eight-speed dual –clutch transmission. Beside this, it could appear as a four wheel drive.


Release Date and Price

The release date for the the new Ferrari FF is still not known yet. For the price, it is much more than realistic that it’s going to be much higher than the previous model, thanks to the added advantages. It should be around $400,000.

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