2018 Ford F-350 Review and Price

The Ford company is preparing to launch yet another version of truck, maybe we could say the cousin of the F-250. So the new edition would be the 2018 Ford F-350. Comparing to the F-250, there are not much differencys to see, but as we can suppose from its name, the F-350 is bringing with itself probably more high level preferences, much more advantages as regards to exterior, interior, and perhaps the engine and performance as well. But there is no need to underestimate the prevoius F truck models, in view of this, maybe the accidental truck buyers will have a serious problem choosing the one or the other. Let’s see with what kind of advantages is coming.

Exterior and Interior

If we are analysing the exterior and comparing to it’s predecessor, we can notice that it appears with a larger size, and different dimmensions. There are going to be a big overhaul and a new set of chrome grill on the vehicle. On the front and rear some modifications are also noticeable, especially the headlights, rearlights will get a new fresh look, updated with LED tehnology. The outside is made from aluminium, so probably that will influence on it’s weight. Probably it will be equipped with a new bumper as well. Withe main competitors 2019 Toyota Tundra Diesel, 2019 Toyota Tacoma Diesel, 2019 Ram1500 Diesel.

In the interior will be upgraded a brand new upholstery. It is quite enough large and spacious, and probably extra space is noticeable between the front and rear seats. This edition looks much more elegant. The dashboard will get a new facelift, with the control panel, and with a new keypad. The technology features will get an updated version as well, and the infotainment will contain speakers, LCD, Bluetooth, FM, MP3, etc. Security options are available in new edition, as the new cruise control, adaptive control, satelite navigation system, parking sensors, airbags etc. The truck beside the fact that fits to every requirement, it will give a pleasant joy and comfortable luxurious feeling during the drive.

2018 Ford F-350 Engine and Performance

The upcoming truck is coming with a 6.7-liter V8 engine, what will be linked with a ten speed automatic transmission. Thanks to this engine the truck got on power and strength, but also a better fuel consuption too.

Release Date and Price

About the release date, it is still in a fogy stadium, and the company hasnt announced it, as other informations as well. For example the price of the truck is still mistery, but by some sources it could be around $30,000.

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