2018 Ford Shelby Daytona – Elegant and Beautiful

1965 was the year that saw the debut of the initial Daytona automobile. This car caught the attention of many people because it won in 8 out of 11 car races at the time, which was a new achievement for a car produced in America. This proved that the Americans could venture into car manufacturing and so did they. To mark Ford’s 50th year in the industry, the company will be releasing the 2018 Ford Shelby Daytona that is likely to be built using the Shelby GR-1 Concept. This much anticipated car is without a doubt legendary and the manufacturer has meet the expectations of the people. So far, the company’s CEO has asserted that the model will be the best production ever.


Boldness and elegance will be the first statement that the 2018 Ford Shelby Daytona will offer to the world. The car will be built on the same platform as was the first model that was crafted in the 1960s. The primary difference will lie on the materials used in its construction. In the new Ford Shelby Daytona, aluminium will be used in its construction. Being a lightweight material, the car will have improved aerodynamics and the suspension too will be high notch. The car will also feature an original chassis that will be characteristic of the Ford Shelby family of automobiles. Under its bonnet, there will be a fuel tank that will hold 25 gallons of fuel. The tank will be made from steel to avoid corrosion. For movement, Trigo FIA wheels that will be 15 inches in diameter will be used. These wheels will be white in color. In the base model, the car will be painted in Guardsman Blue paint and will have Wimbledon White Stripes too. All interested buyers will be glad to hear that the model will be produced in a variety of exterior colors for them to choose that which best matches their preference and personality type.


Inside the car, there will be style and comfort. The steering wheel will be made of wood and will have the Ford Shelby Daytona’s 50th anniversary badges. The seats will be mounted with expertise for optimal comfort for the user and will be upholstered in fine leather. Other features in the car include Stewart Warner gauges and automatic climate control. Advanced safety features will also be installed in the car among them vented rotors and new Shelby Brakes.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood of the 2018 Ford Shelby Daytona will be an aluminum block 289 CID engine. This engine is said to be very powerful and thus offers exemplary performance when cruising through different terrains. The output of this engine is yet to be known and so is the mileage. Nonetheless, this engine model will be more powerful than the models in other Shelby car models. It will also offer improved speed and will be more ecological compared to the preceding models. In due time, the manufacturer will release more detailed information about the expected performance of this power train.

2018 Ford Shelby Daytona Release Date and Price

The date that the 2018 Shelby Daytona will make a debut into the market is much awaited. Regardless of that fact, the manufacturer has not yet confirmed when this will happen. Reliable sources suggest that the model may be released in the course of next year (2018), more so during the mid year period. The price that the model will retail at is also unknown. However, experienced car enthusiasts approximate the price at $350,000.

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