2018 McLaren P1 Spider Edition

The 2018 McLaren P1 Spider is manufactured by British automotive manufacturer McLaren Automotive and it will be a plug-in hybrid sports car with limited production. The P1 concept car is presented to the public in 2012 Paris Motor Show. It was available to customer in retail in October 2013 in the UK. McLaren produced 375 units and all of them was sold out by November 2013. This super-car is utilizing both Formula 1 and hybrid technology and it’s considered to be the McLaren F1 successor.


The new 2018 McLaren P1 carbon fiber chassis is integral with it’s carbon body to ensure rigidity, strength and to reduce weight. It have a very interesting headlight design which is based on McLaren logo. The huge vents on the hood and below the headlights are allowing the air to cool down the engine much faster. At the back it have very futuristic look with huge F1 based spoiler and dual exhaust pipes. This whole car is inspired with the McLaren F1 Le Man’s race car.


The cabin will now have two seats and not three like the previous model. Overall the interior is focused heavily on the race and the seats are much lower to the ground to ensure better visibility. The most important thing is the brand-new race-spec wheel, it is designed mo mostly match the F1 cars steering wheels with all of the controls in the same place. The roll-cage is incorporated into the Mono-Cage and because of that the interior didn’t loose on the headroom.

2018 McLaren P1 Engine

The 2018 McLaren P1 Spider have under the hood one very powerful engine a 3.8-Liter twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine. This engine is combined with one electric motor which is developed by McLaren team, this electric produces 176 bhp (131 kW) and 192 lb ft (260 Nm). When these two engines the P1 will put out a total of 903 horsepower (916 PS, 603KW) and 722 (978 Nm) pound feet of torque. This electric motor can fill the gaps of turbo lag in the gas engine and this combination will give the engine almost 7000 rpm. The McLaren P1 is featuring 7-speed dual-clutch transmission made by Graziano and it is off course rear-wheel drive.

2018 McLaren P1 Spider Price

The 2018 McLaren P1 Spider will be first offered to the customers who already have at least one McLaren. The price will be $3.36 million. It’s price was 1.98 million before (06/13/2014). Buyers will have the oporunity to drive this car in at least 6 occasions on the some Formula One tracks.

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