2018 Tesla S P85D

In the recent past, manufacturers have been placing much effort in the production of hybrid car models. Among these will be the 2018 Tesla S P85D that is among the top ranked fully electric cars in the world today. Competition among these cars has become stiffer each day, therefore, all reputed car manufacturers are putting their best into the production process. The new Tesla S model will be availed in the market on four varied trim levels with the best of them all being the new Tesla S P85D. Generally, the car can be classified as a luxurious electric sedan that also incorporates sporty elements.


The outer design for the 2018 Tesla S P85D will remain as it was in the preceding model. It will thus be sleek and elegant in addition to being very sporty. It will have a shimmering fascia on the frontage and it will have an oval shaped grille. The lines of the model will be more conspicuous and elegant and the roof that archs will give the car a more futuristic design. A panoramic moon roof will be availed in some of the trim levels. On the rear side, the car will still be aggressive and sporty. It will have a chrome garnish that will complement its tail lights that will assume the shape of trapezoids.


Inside the car, there will be much style and luxury. The design will offer optimal comfort in a futuristic manner. The cabin space will be utilized with much expertise and will incorporate carbon fiber accents. The seats and the door panels will be draped in fine leather and a piano black wood finishing will be used to complement these color and material features. The center screen of the car will have all the controls because the car will not be operated using the typical buttons and knobs. The touch screen display will be 17 inches wide and will have the ability to record all the ongoing activities for 24 hours non-stop. Among the technological features in the car will be a WiFi hotspot with 4G LTE connectivity, Bluetooth function, USB ports, a navigation system and voice controls. Concerning safety, it will have a rear view camera, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning assistance, forwards collision warning, parking sensors and parking assist.

2018 Tesla S P85D Engine and Performance

Under the hood of this electric car will be an 85kWH battery pack that will be the best among all others in the series. This engine will combine several electric motors so as to yield the best output. The power generated will be used in an all wheel drive manner. In the rear wheel driving mode, the engine will generate a total of 470 horsepower while the front wheel drive will operate on an output of 221 horsepower. In the combined mode, this powerful engine will produce a total of 691 horsepower. It will also be able to withstand 686 pound feet of torque. The top speed for this car will be 155 miles per hour and the engine will rocket from the initial to the 60 miles per hour mark in just 3.1 seconds. With such a performance, it is indisputable that this will be one sporty production. The car will travel a distance of 253 miles before draining its battery.

2018 Tesla S P85D Release Date and Price

The estimated price of purchase for this model is $105,690. The date of release for the model is, however, unknown but it is expected to be released in the near future.

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