2018 Toyota Harrier GS

The Toyota GS series first made a debut in the Japanese market in 2017. As such, the model is still new and the manufacturer is working hard at promoting the car as it hopes for good reception. The car is primarily based on the Harrier G Sports Concept so it is a pretty athletic car. What does this harrier have to offer to the buyer? The brand name harrier is one that arouses much interest among people because it is associated with style, class and aggressiveness. Here, we make an exploration of this car to see what the 2018 Toyota Harrier GS edition will have to offer.


The outer appearance of the car that has a base of 2660 mm will be dominantly sporty and stylish. Its outer body will come in materials that are of higher quality. Among the rigid installations in the car will be very strong floor parts and spot welding points. The grille and the chrome will be revised ad their new designs will be more appealing to the eye. A diffuser on the rear side will be placed to enhance the sporty look. Compared to other Harrier models in the market, this car will be 3.5cm lower without compromising on suspension. The exhaust tip of the car will also come in a new design and will also be chromed. 19 inch alloy wheels with black accents will be the means of movement for the car.


In the interior, the sporty theme will continue to reflect. The well fitted sporty seats will be well upholstered in leather and will have piano black accents. The seats will be very comfortable and will offer adequate room for people of all heights to fit without an strain. For a creative contrast, the color that will be used will be silver. A three spoke steering wheel will be among the most noticeable features in the car. The G badge will also be very conspicuous. The 2018 Toyota Harrier GS will come with advanced safety equipment as well as advanced entertainment features.

2018 Toyota Harrier GS Engine and Performance

Beneath the hood of the 2018 Toyota Harrier GS will be a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine that will have the capacity to produce 151 horsepower and withstand 142 pound feet of torque. The generated power will be transmitted to the wheels using a CVT-i transmission mode. The standard driving mode will be two wheel but the driver will be able to use the all wheel drive as well. The engine option remains unconfirmed so it may remain as described above or may change as the manufacturer deems fit. The revamped suspension of the car will enable it to cruise different road networks with ease.

2018 Toyota Harrier GS Release Date and Price

The actual date of release of the car is unknown. Interestingly, there are very minimal rumors about this model unlike other cars. Perhaps it is due to the fact that it is still a new creation. Additionally, the cost of sale for the car remains hidden. Owing to the fact that the 2018 model retailed in Japan only, there is not much to say regarding the price. The preceding model retailed at around $60,000 and the new version’s price is subject to change.

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