2018 Toyota Prius Review and Price

The new 2018 Toyota Prius is the fourth generation of well-known Toyota car all around the world. As the first hybrid engine on the markets, it’s surely still one of the leaders in the car markets for known “green” driving option. But, some changes are not always good for the faithful buyer and sometimes the new buyers ask more and different from the competition. The Toyota designers are in between those two demands, and it seems that they have success with this car.


There is no “Prius SUV” it is just new 2020 Toyota CH-R!


2018 Toyota Prius
Is surely new, redesigned car with the new exterior look. Even we choose to explain his additional character included in his front end, door panels and rear flanks or LED headlights or if we want to show his lifted sedan look similar as Toyota Mirai fuel-cell model, we must admit that the 2018 Toyota Prius is good for old buyers and new suspicious buyers. Maybe the main changes have suffered the rear end with the new shape, and chevron-shaped light units flanking the tail spoiler.

2018 Toyota Prius Interior

2018 Toyota Prius interior

2018 Toyota Prius interior

It’s hard to talk about the new design and not mention the best quality of the materials used inside of it. As 2.4 inch longer and 6.0 inches wider cabin, it’s space enough for all passengers inside. In the middle of the cabin is new, redesigned dashboard with the new steering wheel and white center console trim like the bone china. This ad will be optional, obviously. As one of the interesting innovations is charging mobile devices without cable, only with the induction, and when we talk about the technology, we must mention the steering assistant, automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control.


We know that Toyota basically made the first commercial hybrid engine, but they will not change the old powertrain in the car, even the all cars in this class will. So, the engine will be the same 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with the small electric engine. But, there is something new. Toyota will offer two version of the electric engine – a nickel-metal hybride battery pack, as in the current model, and a more expensive lithium-ion pack which is expensive but made for longer driving. The fuel economy is measured around 50 mpg.
2018 Toyota Prius review

2018 Toyota Prius Price

The release date is somewhere at the beginning of 2018 for the still unknown price. According to the current model’s price, we can expect the similar price around $24,000 for the basic model.

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