2019 BMW M2

The 2019 BMW M2 will be the successor of the limited edition 1 series M Coupe so much is expected of the model. The model is expected to offer better performance and be more appealing to the eye. So far, the model has caught the interest of numerous people that await its official release. Here are more details about the 2019 BMW M2.


The exterior of this model will be sporty, stylish and modernized. Light weight materials among them aluminum will be employed in the construction of this model to make it have revamped aerodynamic abilities. The agility will also be improved by the fact that this model will have a wheelbase that will be 4.8 inches shorter than the M3 and M4 models. Its roof will be made of carbon fiber, the oil sump from magnesium casting, brake rotors from carbon-ceramic, and the suspension will be mostly aluminum. The chassis will be revised and there will be larger air intakes at the front bumper. The fenders will also be revised as well as the quad exhaust pipes. 19 inch wheels will be used to move this car.


Inside the model, there will be much style and comfort. A three-spoke steering wheel that will possess fewer buttons will be used and the front seats will be very sporty. The rear seats will be lighter in weight without compromising on the support and comfort and they will offer ample room for heads and legs. The instrument cluster will be driver focused and will have easy to read and use gauges. At the cockpit, the M emblems will be sprinkled generously. The center console and the door panels will be made of carbon fiber. Technologically advanced security features will be fitted in the model as will the infotainment system. The passengers will thus be able to enjoy a ride without thinking much about their safety.

Engine and Performance

A turbocharged 3.0 liter straight 6 engine will be found under the hood of the model. It will have the capacity to generate 365 horsepower and will handle 343 pound feet of torque with ease. On the over-boost function, the engine will tolerate up to 367 pound feet of torque for short periods although it is unverified whether or not the e-boost system will be used in this model. A 6 speed power transmission system will be standard and a 7 speed dual clutch transmission controlled by shift paddles will be availed at an additional cost. The car will require a mere 4 seconds to rocket from the initial point to the 60mph mark and its top speed will be 155mph. In the United Kingdom, only the rear wheel driving option will be provided. Although unconfirmed, there is word that an all wheel drive will be availed in selected markets. Since the model will be lighter in weight, it will have improved aerodynamics and will be more economical on fuel. Consequently, it will emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

2019 BMW M2 Release Date and Price

The official release of the 2019 BMW M2 is yet to be revealed by the manufacturer to the public. The model is, however, expected to be in the market between very late 2018 and early 2019. The model will be quite pricey based on its performance and the type of materials that will be used in its construction. The price is estimated at about $60,000 and the model is expected to compete against the 2018 Porsche Cayman GT4.

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