2019 BMW X5 M – News and Price

Luxury is the potency that BMW automobiles indisputably possess. The manufacturer has outdone previous works to ensure that the 2019 BMW X5 M amazes the world. The new design, which is set to be made available soon, will be large in size just like its predecessor. Its target market are the wealthy who look to stand out among others by being judged solely by the machine they ride.


2019 BMW X5 M SUV is a model for those that seek for high performance without much care about the outer looks. Though not very beautiful, the bold and glossy appearance indicates high performance. The M style design gives it a sporty fashion that many people admire. Compared to the previous model, this one is more elevated and the rear spoiler makes it more appealing. The grilles on the frontage have big breathers to allow the machine to cool off properly during a trip. The unique exterior mirrors in twin-stalk style also add to the overall outlook of this car. Massive 21 inch alloy wheels are the movement means for this machine. Four exhaust pipes that are present in this car make it appear more sturdy and captivating.


Inside the 2019 BMW X5 M, high quality equipment is used. The cabin is spacious and offers passengers optimal comfort during a ride. The M signature features in majority of the specifications, for example, the M leather steering wheel, the M driver’s footrest and M display system. Alcantara cow-hide is used to upholster the comfortable, electrically operated seats. Additionally, a 10.25 inch touch-screen that has a modern infotainment structure is installed. The atmosphere control function is automatic and is linked to the infotainment system. Optional features include a full leather trim made of merino and either long peach blue metallic or Donington grey metallic M paint finish. For safety, the dynamic stability control has been revamped.

X5 M Engine and Performance

A 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 engine is found under the hood of this car, similar to the preceding version. The variance is that its capacity will has been enhanced to generate up to 567 horsepower and 553 pound feet of torque. Power transmission to the wheels is made possible by an eight speed M strephonic transmitter that also has a drive-logic. An escalation to 60mph from the initial point takes a quick 4 seconds which is remarkable, and the maximum driving speed in the absence of a speed governor is 250kph. The steering wheel has gear shift paddles made of aluminium for optimal functionality. The actual figures representing fuel use for this model are not available. The manufacturer, however, has indicated that it is 20% better efficient in fuel use compared to the preceding model. This is attributed to the eight speed power transmission function. Carbon dioxide secretion into the atmosphere is also much lower so its contribution to pollution is minimal.

2019 BMW X5 M Release Date and Price

The model has already been dispatched to the market. It is, however, not yet available for purchase by potential buyers. It is expected that the manufacturer will make it available very soon.

Like the other BMW autos, this series, the price will be high. Due to the revamped features, the 2019 BMW X5 M will sell at an approximated cost of $99,650. This high end model will be reserved for the affluent in society.

Competitors: Subaru Outback,  Ford Edge, Ford Explorer, Subaru Forester.

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