2019 Chevrolet Traverse – 10 percent more horsepower

2008 was the year in which General Motors released the first model in the Chevrolet Traverse series. The model has since been performing impressively in the market, especially in North America because it combines luxury and utility for the majority of the households. Due to the changing dynamics of the motor world, a few modifications have been made in the 2019 Chevrolet Traverse in a bid to lure more customers into purchasing the latest make. It is evident that the car has much to offer as detailed in the following analysis.


Since the Traverse series is relatively young in the market, no major changes are expected to be made on both the exterior and interior of the 2019 Chevrolet Traverse. Though unchanged, the exterior will be streamlined and sporty for a large sized SUV. This will allow for more air to enter the car for improved ventilation. A variety of exterior colors will be availed for the user to pick one that best matches their personality and preference. The cabin space for the model will remain largely unaltered as earlier mentioned.


The car will have a carrying capacity of seven adults or eight passengers if there are children. In the event that the user needs more space to accommodate their luggage, they will be able to fold flat the last row of seats. Upholstery will be done in fine leather. The infotainment features will be updated to make them more efficient and suitable for the current generation of people. Among these will be bluetooth connectivity, voice commands, USB connectivity, navigation and ventilated seats. The most awaited is the inbuilt WiFi hot spot. Additionally, the safety features will be revamped for additional safety during travel regardless of the time of day. These include forward collision alert, blind-spot monitoring, high quality seat belts and airbags, and lane departure warning.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse Engine and Performance

The engine section of the car will also remain intact as was in the preceding model. The fuel economy will, however, be adjusted to make it more friendly in fuel consumption. The base model for the car is a 3.6 liter V6 engine that uses a direct injection technology and produces 280 horsepower. The engine can tolerate 265 pound feet of torque. The other option is the same model but with the capacity to produce 288 horsepower an 270 pound feet of torque. The gearbox is mated to an automatic six speed transmission channel. 17mph and 24mph on city roads and highways respectively were the fuel utilization figures for the preceding model. In the revamped 2019 model, the fuel consumption rate is set to be 5-10% less. As a result, the latest model will be more friendly to the environment because it will emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

2019 Chevrolet Traverse Release Date and Price

The official date of release for the 2019 Chevrolet Traverse remains unknown. Reliable sources, however, state that the model may be released towards the close of this year (2018). The price range for the car is estimated at $32,000. This price is not very varied from that of the predecessor so it is likely that the model will attract much attention from clients resulting in improved sales.

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