2019 Corvette Zora ZR1

Back in 1955 Belgian-born engineer Zora Arkus Duntov joined the Corvette team. Together they worked hard to make a model that will offer both high speed and performance. Up to day Corvette has produced numerous Supercars, and the 8th generation will be enhanced with the new 2019 Corvette Zora ZR1 in the series. Name Zora has been chosen for the model to stand out in the series. Adjustments made to this C8 will be notable, compared to the previous C7. Power output is going to be revamped and it is expected this model to be one of a kind.


Exterior of the new 2019 Corvette Zora ZR1 is sporty, bold and luxurious. One of the main modifications compared to C7 is the cockpit, which will be moved forward and slightly lowered. Sharp nose will be the same as in C7, but its ends will be more tapered. Main feature of the lowered cockpit will be increased visibility and improved suspension. A rear cut on the nose is going to be visible and will resemble those of the LaFerrari and Porsche 918. The main function of the cut will be in pressure reduction and better air flow through the ducts. The cooling ducts are going to be wider and more aggressive. The splitter on the frontage will also be remodeled. To meet the new regulation standards the roofline will be lifted. Sculpting is reserved for in-front of the door and will feature the Stringray Logo. Rear side will be much the same as in C7. Minor changes will include wider track, more ducted fenders, a bigger rear diffuser and two small spoilers on each fender. The Corvette’s logo will be highlighted and the quad exhaust system will undergo some adjustments.


Interior of the 2019 Corvette Zora ZR1 will exude luxury. The Alcantara, leather and carbon fibers are going to be used to upholster the cabin space of this 2 door supercar. Advanced technology is used including multiple LCDs and fancy LED lighting. The seats will have sharp cuts for a more aggressive look and the steering wheel will resemble that in the Ferrari and Lamborghini models. Special attention is given to state-of-the-art safety equipment.

Engine and Performance

The same V8 engine found in C7 will be used. Slight modifications are made to produce even more power. The engine will produce 740 hp and will tolerate 700 pound feet of torque. The power is transmitted to the rear wheels with a 7 speed manual, or 8 speed automatic mode. This engine will blast from zero to 60 in a 2.8 sec! The top speed will be around 220 mph. Some rumors circle that a hybrid version may be available, but there is no official confirmation from the manufacturer. The mileage on highways is 25 mpg est.

2019 Corvette Zora ZR1 Release date and Price

The release date is not declared yet, but it’s expected to hit the market in the late 2018 or early 2019. The retail price is estimated at around $150,000.

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