2019 Ferrari 488 Spider

The Ferrari gave us the 458 Spider that will be replaced with the amazing 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider. This variant merges excellent looks with an excellent performance and an equally excellent style and comfort. The car is set to compete against the likes of 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Roadster and the 2018 McLaren 650S Spider. The model is among the awesome cars that showed face during the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show. It has plenty to offer as detailed below;


One of the elements that makes this car unique is the removable top! Other than that, it borrows much in terms of the outer design from the 488 GTB. The car thus has a wide front air intake, the hood has air ducts, and at the rear there are scalloped rear intakes. At the rear, however, there is a conspicuous difference between the 488 GTB and the newest 458 Spider. Primarily, this is because the removal of the top gets rid of the sloping glass at the rear side. The car also has 2 flying buttresses behind the seats.


Inside, the car offers adequate headroom for all people, including the tall ones. The steering wheel remains a 3 spoke and contains all the standard Ferrari buttons. Additionally, the dashboard is a 2 tone and the well mounted seats are upholstered in leather. The classic red for the Ferrari models has been thoughtfully incorporated as well. Generally, the model incorporates all high end furnishing materials. The retractable roof is in 2 parts where it folds up electronically. The infotainment features installed in the car are highly advanced as are the safety ones. At the back, the window can be adjusted to 3 positions to control the flow of the wind inside the car. The car is very attractive to people of all generations, especially the younger ones that love both speed and class.

2019 Ferrari 488 Spider Engine and Performance

Under the hood of this luxury and sporty car is a 3.9 liter turbocharged V8 engine model. This powerful engine can generate a total of 660 horsepower at 8,000rpm and can withstand 560 pound feet of torque. This allows it to take just 3 seconds to shoot to the 60mph mark from the initial point. Additionally, it takes 8.3 seconds to hit the 124mph. Although the 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider is heavier than the GTB by 110 pounds, its aerodynamic ability is more impressive. The increased weight is attributed to the 11 aluminium alloys used in its construction together with the incorporation of other noble metals. The top speed for this car is 203mph. Regarding fuel use, this model cannot be gentle on the fuel as seen with the high amount of power that the engine can generate.

2019 Ferrari 488 Spider Release Date and Price

The 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider has already made a debut in the market through the recently concluded Frankfurt Auto Show. Interested people should be on the look out for its mass release. This is expected to be in the near future but the actual date remains unconfirmed. The cost of retail also remains unknown. However, reliable car experts indicate that the model will cost around $20,000 more than the price of the GTB. The estimated price, therefore, is $265,000 that is a bit pricey.

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