2019 Ford Focus Electric

If you compare the 2019 Ford Focus and its Electric brother, when it comes to the exterior you will have hard time finding any differences. Perhaps this is a good thing, finally we have an electric vehicle that doesn’t look all bubbly and futuristic, but have every perk of a regular car and plus is battery-powered.


If you have a closer look on these two models, you can notice that the 2019 Ford Focus Electric has new grille, more aerodynamic front, special badges, front charging point, and new 17-inch wheels with Michelin Energy Saver tires. However, if you are just passing by this car, there is a small chance that you will notice these changes, so this vehicle will look like an ordinary Focus.


As it is case with exterior, interior isn’t changed much too, apart of some details. The design and layout of the center stack remained the same, with the MyFord Touch screen displayed front and center. One noticeable change is revised instrument cluster, which in the Electric version uses a center-mounted speedometer with two LCD displays on both sides. Also, cargo space is now somewhat smaller due to the large battery pack behind the rear seats. Luckily, this has been compensated with tiny hidden storage compartment under the floor. This means that we have 14.5 cubic feet of available storage space behind the rear seats, and plus 1.5 cubic feet in the hidden compartment.


It looks like a Focus, it feels inside like it too, but how does it drive? We weren’t surprised to discover that it lived up to our expectations with its smooth, predictable, and easy management and still with an amazing amount of driver engagement. A 23-kWh battery pack powers the engine which has 141 horsepower and 188 pound-feet of torque. It is the front wheel drive, but when it comes to braking system it is not as super touchy as on some other hybrids. All in all, the Focus Electric is fun to drive, and feels completely different than driving Nissan Leaf for instance.

2019Ford Focus Electric Release date and Price

Even though the precise release date of the 2019 Ford Focus Electric is still unknown it is expected to be available on the American market by the end of next year. The launch of the Electric will be in three waves, starting with New York and California as key destinations. The asking price for this all-electric Focus is approximately $32,500 for the base model.

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