2019 Lincoln Continental

The iconic flagship sedan by Lincoln that was known as Continental was last produced 16 years ago. The company has decided that the Continental should come back as the 2019 Lincoln Continental. Although there are scant details of this model that have been availed so far, we can report that this model will be worth the wait. It will come with revamped interiors and exteriors as well as an improved powertrain. Let us explore this car to quench the curiosity that we have.

Exterior and Interior

The model will be built on the Continental concept design, but the 2019 Lincoln Continental will have a few additional elements that will make it stand out among all other Lincoln car models. From the front to the rear, the model will assume the shape of a limousine. It will have a newly designed Lincoln grille that will be made of polished aluminum mesh and will be arching. New headlamps that will operate on LED and Laser technologies will also feature in this model and doors will have fancy pop-out handles. 21-inch alloy wheels will be used to move this vehicle. The inside of this model will be neat and stylish. The seats will be adjustable and will offer optimal support and comfort. Advanced entertainment and safety features will also be fitted in this model. Among these will be the smart glass tinting sunroof and the table supporting tray on the console. A champagne luggage compartment may be availed in the high-end model while the Chinese market may get a model with a longer wheelbase.

Engine and Performance

The powertrain of this model is yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer. What is certain, however, is that the model will not have a V8 engine as anticipated by many and will instead have a V6 type. This will most likely be a 3.0 liter V6 eco-boost model or a 4 cylinder type. The 3.0 liter has a power production capacity of 350 horsepower. Although this engine produces much less power compared to the competitors, it is more economical on fuel and more eco-friendly. The power will be transmitted to the wheels via a 9 or 10-speed automatic gearboxes. This model will require about 5 seconds to rocket to the 60 mph mark from the initial point. Its top speed will be 155mph. Although the mileage figures are yet to be disclosed, this engine will be quite economical.

2019 Lincoln Continental Release Date and Price

The release date for the 2019 Lincoln Continental remains unconfirmed as is the cost of retail. The model is, however, expected to hit the dealerships towards the dusk of 2019 or in the course of 2018. Regarding the pricing, the latest edition Lincoln Continental will be the second most expensive model to be produced by the auto company after the Navigator. This will be attributed to the luxury that it will offer together with the technologies that will be employed in its construction. The 2018 edition Navigator is currently retailing at about $72,055 and this model is estimated to have a retail price of $75,000. The primary competition for this model will be the Cadillac CT6 and the Audi A8.

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