2019 Mercedes IAA

The 2019 Mercedes IAA is another model that showed face during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and left many people astounded. The aerodynamic rating for the model is pretty impressive and the design is one that anybody would wish to possess. The futuristic design highlights of the kind of automobiles that will trend in the market in the coming decade where performance, style and luxury will linger, but in a more modernized version. This, however, does not mean that all cars in the future must have the same features and capabilities as presented in the Mercedes IAA Concept.

Mercedes IAA Concept Design


The aerodynamic abilities of the Mercedes IAA Concept make it outstanding when compared to all other vehicles in the market at present. In fact, the car has a drag coefficient of 0.19 only! The car employs a 5.04m long concept that is boosted by 390mm in length to allow for the carves to glide through the air much better. It also has electrically extending flaps both at the front and at the back for the same reason. At the back side, 8 sections telescope outwards so as to increase the length by at least 15 inches. At the frontage, the flaps extend outwards by an inch. These extensions serve to keep air away from the wheel archs. A plunging roofline adds to the aerodynamic abilities of the model. The active rims are flat as opposed to being dished. 22 inch wheels are the agents of movement for the model that can be classified as a 4 door coupe. Both the headlights and the grille resemble those in the F 015 concept model that made a debut earlier this year.


Inside the car, it is apparent that white is the dominant cabin color. Most of the finishing is done in white leather giving it a very luxurious appearance. Highly advanced technological features are fitted so as to match the needs of the current and future generations. Gesture control pads are fitted to allow the driver control the car functions by hovering the fingers over the pad that is mounted on the dashboard. According to one of the high rank personnel in Mercedes, the model will incorporate intelligent innovations so as to provide balance between functionality and aesthetics. In addition to having technologically advanced features and abilities, the model has the best safety features and equipment installed for optimal user safety.

2019 Mercedes IAA Engine and Performance

Powering this amazing car is the petrol electric plug in powertrain that has the ability to generate 274 horsepower. It also has a 39 mile electric only range. To be precise, it can cover 41 miles on a single charge. Using the design mode, the figure goes down a bit to 38.5 miles. Its top most speed is 155mph. With regard to ecology, the car produces 28g of carbon dioxide for each kilometer covered which is quite reasonable.

2019 Mercedes IAA Release Date and Price

The model has already made a debut during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. However, the date in which the model will start retailing is unidentified, and we can expec it in the end of 2018. As such, the price of purchase is also not clear. Nonetheless, car experts approximate that the cost of retail will be around $66,915.

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