2019 Porsche Mission E

The 2019 Porsche Mission E made jaws drop during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show! This spectacular salon car has a powerful output and offers optimal luxury. In fact, the electric drivetrain and the knowledge on energy storage was gained by experts as they developed the Le Mans-Winning 919 Hybrid race automobile. In addition, the construction of the model using lightweight materials was borrowed from the expertise employed in the construction of the 918 Spyder Hypercar. The model will also contribute to the development of the Tesla Model S that is set to make a debut within the next 10 years. With such mind blowing facts, it is only fair that we explore the Porsche Mission E some more.


On the outside, the model can be regarded as stylish and luxurious. It is made using low weight materials including aluminium, steel and carbon fiber. Its bodywork is rather low as the model has a height of less than 52 inches. For improved aerodynamic abilities, it also has fastback greenhouse and flared fenders. Additionally, cameras replace the side-view mirrors hence allowing for a better view while driving. The carrying capacity for this electric automobile is 4 passengers. For movement, the car uses 21 inch front wheels and 22 inch rear wheels. 4 point LED matrix headlamps seen in the 911 model feature in this car as well. Among the most distinct features is the suicide door design that is made without the B pillars so as to facilitate easier access to the cabin.


Inside the car, style and luxury are the primary themes. The dashboard that comes with 5 gauges is OLED. The most interesting feature is the eye-tracking ability that allows the driver to select menus and submenus by staring at the preferred option and pressing a button that is installed on the steering wheel. This gauge applies parallax in operation hence allowing the driver to access the dashboard regardless of their sitting position. The touch free operations also run to the entertainment systems and the HVAC. Among the functions found in this car are a navigation system, climate control, selected 3D applications, among others. User safety is assured through the installation of state of the art security features and equipment.

Porsche Mission E Engine and Performance

Two electric motors and a powerful battery power this model that has the capacity to cover a 500 km distance prior to getting drained. These will have an output of 582 horsepower that will be transmitted to each wheel for a revamped grip when cruising varied road networks. The battery pack for the Porsche Mission E is located at the center of the lower part of the chassis and runs through the length of the wheelbase. The generated power is sent to the front and rear permanently excited synchronous motors. The driving mode availed is the four wheel drive. The impresive output of this model is linked to the fact that it uses 800 volts as opposed to the 480 volts that come with a supercharger plug. It takes the model a mere 3.5 seconds to shoot from the initial mark to the 62mph mark. The electric engine also takes under 15 minutes to recharge to the 80% mark and the output of this recharged battery covers 250 miles. Inductive charging of the battery is possible in this model.

2019 Porsche Mission E Release Date and Price

As earlier highlighted, the 2019 Porsche Mission E already made its debut during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The exact period within which it will start retailing at the local market is yet to be established, but you can expect it in teh end of 2018. The price of retail is also not known at present.

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