2019 Tesla Model S

The 2019 Tesla Model S is a fully electric hybrid model that is set to hit the market very soon. The 2017 edition caught the attention of many people because of its performance, sports utility and the design. So far, not much information has been availed to the public about this model. What is certain, however, is that this car will be prolific and will offer stiff competition against other fully electric car models. The model will be availed in four different trim levels as was the case in the 2017 model and below is what the car will have to offer to its users.


Exterior and Interior

This luxury sedan will be sporty, fashionable and aggressive. The front fascia will have a glossy glow and the oval grille will make the car appear very sleek. The car’s lines will be more refined and smoother. An arching roof will add to the model’s flair especially in the cars that will come with a sunroof. The rear will be equally elegant and will feature trapezoidal lights and chrome garnish. The interior of this model will be lavish and extremely neat. The cabin space will be utilized to offer optimal comfort to the passengers and will incorporate very futuristic elements. The P85D trim level will have carbon fiber accents and piano black veneers made of wood. These materials will complement the leather seats and the door panels. On the center screen will be all the car controls so the model will not have the usual buttons and knobs. The touch screen display will be 17 inch and fully colored and will have the latest technological features. Among the standard features will be the standard 4G LTE Wi-Fi router hotspot connectivity, Bluetooth, voice controls, navigation, a powerful audio player system, and many others. For safety, the model will be fitted with lane departure warning, forward collision warning, parking sensors and parking assist, a rear view camera, optional adaptive cruise control, seat belts, air bags, and many others. This information is subject to change if the manufacturer so wishes.

Engine and Performance

The engine option that will be availed in this model will be the 85kWh battery pack. This type will produce 470 horsepower on the rear wheel drive and 221 horses on the frontal wheels. Together, the pack will yield 491 horsepower for the all wheel drive and will also handle 686 pound feet of torque. The top speed will be 155mph and it will take just 3.1 seconds to hit the 60mph mark from the initial point. This car will definitely have a high performance when compared to many other sports cars. The car will cover up to 253 miles before the battery becomes drained.

2019 Tesla Model S Release Date and Price

The date of release for the 2019 Tesla Model S is yet to be known. The model is expected to hit the market for retail in the course of 2019. The cost of retail is also not known to the public. The 2019 Tesla Model S currently has a sale price of $105,670. The new edition is expected to start retailing at about the same price but will go higher for the higher trim levels. All Tesla aficionados need to know that this model will definitely be a good buy because it will cover a considerably long distance before the battery gets drained.

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