2019 Tesla Roadster

Everything that you desire in your dream car will be fulfilled by the 2019 Tesla Roadster that is set to make a debut in the near future. This model fully integrates the needs of the contemporary population that include style, technological advancement, high performance and durability. The first Tesla was first availed to the market in 2008. Since then, much research has been put into modifying it to make more suited for the current preferences of the masses. The newest Tesla Roadster will meet and surpass the expectations of many people because it will have revamped looks and functions. The manufacturer expects to make a sales increase with this car compared to others in the same family.

Interior and Exterior

The best change that will be made on the outside of this car is the use of light weight materials in its construction. These will include fiber glass and light weight aluminium that will improve the aerodynamic capabilities of the 2019 Tesla Roadster. The front end will be revamped by means of reducing the size of its grille. It will also be bent to give it a more elegant look. The lighting system of the car will operate on the LED technology. Regarding its back, the spoiler will be redesigned to make the car look more futuristic. The same will be applicable on the diffuser. The 2015 model was very sporty but in the 2019 Tesla Roadster, this will be modified to make it more modernized. On the inside, the sporty theme will be highly notable. The car will have 2 seats that will be upholstered in line with the theme and will offer much comfort for both the driver and the other passenger. The infotainment system in this car will be brand new and very advanced to suit the young people especially. In addition, the car will be fitted with the best safety features and equipment including airbags, seat belts and traction, cruise and stability control.

2019 Tesla Roadster Engine and Performance

The engine choice for this model is expected to offer great performance to the user. It is highly probable that this will be a 53 kWH model that was in the previous model but will be improved. It will have the ability to generate 248 horsepower and to withstand 211 pound feet of torque. The generated power will reach the wheels using an automatic double clutch system as was the case in the predecessor. This engine is set to have an improved mileage of about 100 miles. In the preceding model, the mileage was 200 miles but the new model will scale at 300 miles. This powertrain will have the ability to rocket from the initial point to the 60mph mark in less than 3 minutes.

2019 Tesla Roadster Release Date and Price

The 2019 Tesla Roadster is set for release in the near future. Although the manufacturer is yet to issue an official statement about its date of release, reliable sources indicate that the model will be availed for retail in the course of 2018. So far, not much about the price of this car has been deduced from the manufacturer. Car experts who are very dependable indicate that the model will be retailing at approximately $109,000 for the base model. A higher price will be charged for higher trim levels.

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