2019 Toyota Tundra Diesel

Most carmakers in the current competitive market are switching to engines that are boosted, greener and smaller to enable consumption of less fuel and in turn emission of less exhaust fumes. Toyota is one of the known, reputable and leading automakers known best for promoting its cars that are hybrid as they try to turn the technology of fuel cell from a dream into a reality. The 2019 Toyota Tundra diesel is one such car made for enthusiasts.

Interior and Exterior

The model is very powerful and it’s an ideal item. The truck will be completely new and redesigned. Refreshments are expected in terms of technology and engine performance. Overall performance will be improved and interior and external appearances will be completely revamped. Vehicle size will remain unchanged just like in previous models. The car front will have a look that is more modern. The front grilles will be redesigned to have a look that is more powerful.

Fog lights and headlights shall have redesigned shapes to contribute to a better outward look. The car’s rear shall change and rear lights shall also receive a look that is more modern to contribute to overall car attractiveness and functionality as well. The interior will be technologically enriched and it shall be a car that offers so much comfort to the driver behind the wheel. The new 2019 Toyota Tundra Diesel will have 19 inch wheels and it shall be created to suit different terrain types.

Toyota is also really big on safety driving and this is evident with many safety functions such as anti-lock braking system, stability control and traction control. It shall be generating speeds of up to 300 horse power and 500 lb feet of torque. This happens to be a new engine range for Toyota as a company with many of their competition already using turbo diesel engines since the bar has been set really high.

2019 Toyota Tundra Diesel Engine

2019 Toyota Tundra Diesel shall come with a new 5 liter Cummins V8 diesel engine and it shall produce great speeds whilst carrying large cargo amounts at the back. The vehicle’s overall weight is actually really well thought out having been made of light materials. This will contribute largely to an improvement in fuel economy. Average consumption comes to approximately 30mpg.

2019 Toyota Tundra Diesel Release date and Price

Release date of the new Tundra isn’t available to public yet but there is a lot of anticipation that it will be later on in the year 2018. The refreshed model will be priced at around $38,000.

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