2016 Ford Explorer Review and Specs

Are you ready to explore your destiny? Ford has even come up with a mini movie about the adventures of this 4 wheels full size SUV. Wouldn’t you like to have your own adventure and go to the places you’ve never been before? In this car, there is enough room to take with you everything that you need for that, including the people and enough safety to never again having to worry will something go wrong. Chose your favorite color of this brand and get wild and crazy. Two years ago, exactly 2014 at the LA Auto Show this model was “brought to the light”. At the 2016 Chicago Auto Show, Ford’s vehicle has debuted again.

Exterior Design

2016 Ford Explorer
This is the fifth generation of this model; it has lasted for a long period of time. Its predecessor was Ford Bronco II. It arrives with LED low beam headlamps perfectly made for this model. The wheels are 20 inches wide. Any territory can be yours with the help of the 2016 Ford Explorer. The roof is so strong and well adaptable that you can transport two bicycles at the same time on it. You don’t need your keys anymore to enter the car, just hold them in your pocket and your car is so intelligent that it will recognize them.

2016 Ford Explorer Interior Style

2016 Ford Explorer interior
There are seven seats in new 2016 Ford Explorer with power lumbar wrapped with Nirvana leather. You won’t need to worry about your camera, because this one is a front 180 degree that cleans all the dust and dirt without your help. It allows you a better view of corners, street and the driveway. The lane keeping system will slow down your tires every time you get near the line or over it.

2016 Ford Explorer side

Engine Specs

We are honored with the V6 engine type that has 290 hp and a 255 rpm. The top speed is 125 mph which is pretty cool for this type of vehicle. From 0 – 60 mph it would take him 8 sec. The displacement is calculated to be 3.5 L.

2016 Ford Explorer Price and Release Date

The formal msrp is $31,050. Unlike some other model that Ford is still producing you won’t need to wait for this one to arrive because it is already available on the market. For those of you who don’t like the regular version you also have new, more expensive and more luxurious platinum version.

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