2016 Pontiac Trans Am – Custom Build

The new iconic 2016 Pontiac Trans Am is finally on the market. It was just rumor, and internet scam for 2 years, but now it is really here. Today you really can order “Custom Build” Trans am for yourself.

Let stop for a little bit. Yes you think this is some came, but it is really not. OK, Pontiac in no more we all know that, but there is one place where you can really by Trans Am like you desire. Trans am depot show their few models on LA auto show this year.

Here is a video of making modern Trans Am:

(This video is a property of Trans AM Depot)

So let’s talk little bit of new Trans AM. The new 2016 Pontiac Trans Am is built on the GM Zeta Platform, and it is a real “American Muscle car”, it is modern version of “Iconic” model of Pontiac. Yes we all do remember Firebird.

2016 Pontiac Trans am white

Now for the buyers there is good news. You can choose: T-tops, custom performance package, and custom paint. But do not worry that is not all. Every thing that you want, and anything that you wanna in your new Trans am you can have it.


2016 Pontiac Trans am models
Yes, it a custom, but we wanted to tell you something about it. You can choose from leather, to colour that you want, but they promise it is best quality, and we think (from few models that we saw) that they are awesome. If you have enough money, you want make mistake (of course it is just our opinion).

Performance Packages

When you look at world new models of car, you can choose few stuff, and some performance, but this is all custom built, so you have almost “freehand” in choosing the performance you wanna. You can choose: between mild to wild performance packages from 500 to 840hp. So if you wanna extreme horsepower on your muscle car, take this one “840HP Extreme Performance Package”.
2016 Pontiac Trans AM interior

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Price

The price for the base model is around $30,000. But this is if you do not enter the price of donor Camaro. And for some models that we asked, the price will go up to $71K.

But there’s more. If you do not love Trans am like we do, you can order GTO variant, complete with hideaway lights. This is also a great choice.

For 2 years there are rumors, and misleading about new 2016 Pontiac Trans am, so we wanted to find real informations, and present them. So, it is not just a rumor anymore, you can really go and buy new 2016 Trans AM (custom build).

Here is where you can really buy custom made Trans Am:

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