2016 Toyota GT-86 Convertible

The 2016 Toyota GT-86 Convertible was presented on the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show where it had the opportunity to show everyone why should they forget about the other models and go for this one only. It is a part of the class that includes sports cars. Nissan and Audi won’t get left behind because they also have their “horse for the race”. Those are the 2011 Nissan 370Z and the 2016 Audi TT. The mistakes that were done on the previous year’s model had a bad impact on the sales ratio. The other name for the Toyota GT-86 is the Scion FR-S. It should also have another grand presentation on the Tokyo Motor Show.

Exterior Design

2016 Toyota GT-86 Convertible
The exterior design of the 22016 Toyota GT-86 Convertible looks really good, but if you compared it to the previous model version it can’t be called a complete makeover. The Subaru BRZ will share many exterior lines with the Toyota GT – 86 Convertible toys because they were both made on the same concept. The lower grille looks bigger and the bumper and the bonnet have been reshaped.

2016 Toyota GT-86 Convertible Interior Style

2016 Toyota GT-86 Convertible interior
The interior of the GT – 68 should combine the framework with some of the best materials currently available on the market. The dashboard will be covered with numerous options since you never know when you will need to use some of them. The style they have chosen for the interior represents their brand very well.

2016 Toyota GT-86 Convertible review

2016 Toyota GT-86 Convertible Engine Specs

There is some news circling that the fuel efficiency of this car is significantly improved. The six speed manual gearbox will be joined to the 4 barrel engine which has the displacement of 2.0 liters. The maximum power is 200 hp. The Toyota’s engineer’s team has worked on the air consumption part and they have successfully managed to bring it to its highest performance.
2016 Toyota GT-86 Convertible auto show

2016 Toyota GT-86 Convertible Price and Release Date

Usually many manufactures have the custom to release the model for the next year, the year before. This won’t be the case since the prognosis for the 2016 Toyota GT-86 Convertible is allegedly scheduled to appear in the April of this year etc. 2016. The price for the convertible version of the Toyota is allegedly near $30,000, but for the sports coupe and the hybrid model it won’t be anywhere near the same.

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