2017 Dodge Challenger – Real American Muscle Car

The new 2017 Dodge Challenger is made for all those people in whom blood runs the need for speed and adrenaline. This brand has stayed faithful to the original design back in the 90’ with a few modern updates, but the car hasn’t been through any drastic makeover for you to not be able to recognize it. This car was made to satisfy the special taste that some US citizens have. It is for those who love the combination of speed and power at the same time.

Exterior Design

2017 Dodge Challenger
Someone can drive a silver Bentley that is worth over $200,000 but when you park your car beside that Bentley with its green and black mixture of colors who do you think that will attract more attention? The answer is obvious. The exterior design is not made for everyone. The car looks very long and the grill looks better than ever. At the back you have redesigned the rear spoiler redesigned to look even more powerful and furious. The exhaust system is dual and you can see only two doors. If you look a little bit closer you will notice different bumpers than the ones that were on the previous model. You can recognize the Chrysler’s LX platform.

Interior Style

2017 Dodge Challenger interior
There are five seats in the 2017 Dodge Challenger made out of synthetic leather. Although it hasn’t changed much it’s exterior, the interior features still follow the new trends. That’s why we have the touch screen with the 3D resolution, front and rear air bags, very loud stereo that consists out of the 6 speakers; you will get a warning sign in the case that there is a big chance of collision, the rear view camera for you to park at the right place and avoid paying a ticket and you can find much more updates in this cabin.

2017 Dodge Challenger Engine Specs

Believe it or not the V8 engine in this tiger has the 600 hp and a displacement of 6.2l. Other cars will avoid bypassing you on the road. The cool thing is that it will have the six speed transmission and the one with the 8 speeds.
2017 Dodge Challenger back

2017 Dodge Challenger Price and Release Date

The price that we would personally pay for the car doesn’t always match with msrp. Rumors speak about the amount of $50,000. For all of you that are interested in the release date; there are small chances for that before the end of 2016 or the beginning of the 2017 year.

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