2017 Dodge Viper – Hand Crafted Sports Car

For the sport car lovers, we are coming with great news. The Dodge company is preparing to launch the new generation of Viper. The 2017 Dodge Viper is a sport car edition, based first of all on a vision of the Crysler. This is a brand new vehicle, with a great performances and dimensions. Let’s see the short review.

Exterior and Interior

2017 Dodge Viper side
The new Viper Roadster with his sporty heavy look really attracks peoples attention. The design is more than perfect, but this time it won’t have a roofing system. It is lighter for about 40 pounds, what is reflecting also on it’s performance. This car is a reflection of dangerous, speed but also a very unique and specific style as well. So far our data base is still not complete about this sport vehicle, but we can assume that it will reach a quite high expectation with it’s sophisticated, strong and sporty advantages.

2017 Dodge Viper interior

2017 Dodge Viper interior

The coupes variation overall stayed the same. But they changed a lot of things when it comes to safety issues. The upgraded equipment is more than acceptable, it consists of the seats and center console what is covered with vinyl, it has also a back up camera, power mirrors, 18 inches wheels etc. Beside the comfort what gives with it’s professional furnishing and equipment, it s not comfortable for longer ride or trips. Well, honestly it isn’t it’s purpose at all, so we can’t blame it for this insufficiency.

2017 Dodge Viper Roadster Engine and Performance

Surprisingly there are going to be changes under the hood. It will be equipped with a 8.4-liter engine, what will be able to produce 640 hp and a 600 pound-feet of torque. With the 0-62 miles per hour speed reached for 3.4 seconds, it is capable to reach around 205 mph. It is probably coming with the manual transmission, and will be a rear wheel drive.

2017 Dodge Viper review

2017 Dodge Viper review

Release Date and Price of 2017 Dodge Viper

The exact release date we don’t know yet, because they haven’t confirmed officially, but we suppose it is going to appear on the market in the second half of the 2016 year as a 2017 model. The price should be another topic, and that should move around modest $95,000, but according to some rumors, it can be higher as well. After all, whoever would like to by this fast and furious vehicle, we are sure that it’s going to fit nicely in their garage between another 10 super high speed sport vehicles.

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