2017 Ford Galpin GTR1

When the offer one the market is small and the cars are desirable, but limited in production, the price automatically gets higher. That is the law of the market. The engine in this car has the incredible over 1000 hp. This car is one of the best that today’s technology has to offer. Thanks to the carbon fiber and aluminum that was used to make one of the most important parts of this vehicle this 2017 Ford Galpin GTR1 will have better performance and lighter weight.

2017 Ford Galpin GTR1 Exterior Design

2017 Ford Galpin GTR1 side
The car comes in silver color with two black lines all over him. It looks very wide and long. The Galpin GTR1 is newer and improved version of the Ford GT so you might have noticed a certain number of similarities. The tires are Pirelli P-Zero. This car is powerful, there is no doubt in that, but the team of the designers team hasn’t done anything impressive with the exterior components.

2017 Ford Galpin GTR1 Interior Style

The interior is painted in very unusual color. Everything from the sport seats, steering wheel, doors, dashboard, transmission it is in the blue color. The front seats have a very strange design. There are rows of silver circles all over them. The steering wheel looks very simple and doesn’t have buttons on it, unlike many other sports cars. The Ford Galpin GTR1 has 2 doors and enough room for the driver and +1 to sit in it.

2017 Ford Galpin GTR1 Engine Specs

2017 Ford Galpin GTR1 engine
The best and the most expensive part about this car are the engine and its power. The exact strength is estimated to be 1024 hp. The V 8 Ford Racing with a displacement of 5.4 liters. It takes him 3.1 sec. to reach the speed of 60 mph. The engine is twin turbocharged. The top speed is 225 mph. That is all packed up with the 6 – speed manual transmission. This engine can be dangerous in the hands of those who don’t know how to handle such power.

2017 Ford Galpin GTR1 Price and Release Date

If someone would offer you a $1,000,000 offer and to have this car what would you preferably take? This car is worth that and even $24,000 more. For less money you can get cars that look more expensive than this one. For all the lovers of the summer here is one more good news, this car will start selling than, but wait, that’s not all. Rumors say that it is scheduled for the summer in 2017.

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