2017 Suzuki Equator Comeback – Engine expectations

Great expectations are waiting for 2017 Suzuki Equator. Everything has started perfectly back to 2009 for Suzuki when this manufacturer released new model on market. It supposed to be Equator, a great substitution for Nissan Frontier and a truck like many famous SUV trucks from Toyota, Nissan, and Ford. But, poor selling and bankruptcy stopped production of this model and it was forgotten until now. This is time for a great comeback of the great truck from famous manufacturer Suzuki.


Even the last model has been well and modern designed; the manufacturer has made completely new and redesigned 2017 Suzuki Equator. If the last model looked like Nissan Frontier, this model will be more like Grand Vitara, according to rumors. Maybe the most attractive for new buyers will be the amazingly shaped front end, with great and original grill and massive front bumper, slightly lifted up at the ends. The greatness of the front end is completed with big LED lights and alloy wheels with optional off-road tires.


Inside space is not clearly visible on any photos we saw by now, but some things are known by the manufacturer. We know that 2017 Suzuki Equator has to have large space inside as well as huge cargo space, but manufacturer promised new modern technology with touchscreen and futuristic infotainment system and many other details in driver’s and passengers’ comfort. It can be expected a little touch of luxury, too, with leather on the seats or quality fabric. However, photos imply not much improved design of the dashboard and front parts of the cabin, so it will look like traditional cubic interiors in old trucks. But, the manufacturer promises comfort and we don’t have reason to not believe him.


The only thing which is the same on 2017 Suzuki Equator as on the previous model is its engine. It is 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 150 horsepower of strength. There will be another version of diesel 2.3-liter model, with planned 100-150 horsepower of strength. Both versions will be available with six and seven automatic transmission. Some rumors say that we should expect even 8-speed automatic transmission in higher trims but maybe is better to wait to see that option. Speaking of the trim versions, there will be models with a front wheels drive system, while special versions will provide all-wheel drive system with larger wheels.

2017 Suzuki Equator Price and Release Date

Last New York Car Show has shown a new 2017 Suzuki Equator with some still unknown details, but the price is guaranteed from $40,000 with optional additional equipment followed with higher prices.

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