2017 Toyota FT1 – Official Name: The New Supra

When it comes to 2017 Toyota FT1 model, there are actually many speculations. Is it a model for itself, or we can pull a parallel between FT1 and the Supra, or the third option that when we talk about FT1 we talk actually about Supra. In earlier article we have been written about Supras specifics, and that it will be based on FT1 concept. Since then there have been some changes, which are of course not official yet, is that Supra wont support the FT1 design. What’s going to happen, it will show the 2017 year.

Exterior and Interior

2017 Toyota FT1 side
The new 2017 Toyota FT1 looks sporty and aggressive. It has a better aerodynamics system then it’s predecessor, since the shape got a little bit modificated. The headlight and taillight will be probably enriched with the LED tehnology. The appearance will stay futuristic, stylish and refined. The recognizable spoiler details wont missed for sure. This sportcar is indeed very powerfull, and gives a fast but stabil drive, but first of all a safe race.
During the designing procedure, since this is a sporty race car, they have in the first place the drivers comfort, and a lot of segments are tuned from his aspect.

2017 Toyota FT1 interior
That means the instrumental panel, the electronic system, is adapted, to make easier the driving, for the driver at first place. The inside cabin have also a sporty look, and it is really based on comfort, and not on style. For the new Toyota FT1 were used quality material for upholstery, what is indisputable, but still not so attractive, but honestly in this case we have to admit it’s really not necesarry. There are leather seats, a brand new navigation system, high tech security system etc.

2017 Toyota FT1 Engine and Performance

The new 2017 Toyota FT1 is coming with a 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder engine, which can reach 240 hp, and an inline 6-cylinder turbo which will produce at least 335 hp. The engine will be placed on the front of the vehicle. It will be a rear wheel drive.

2017 Toyota FT1 back

Release Date and Price

The first introduction happened already in January on Detroit Auto Show, but in the market we can expect counting from summer. As for the price concern, it will be around $45,000, which is honestly a modest price, despite to fact, that this is a number one race car. So if you became curious, follow us, beacuse we will update more details, and interestings about this fascinating machine.

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