2017 Toyota Matrix Redesign

This time we are coming with news about a really good looking, somebody would say family car, regarding to it’s specifications. Despite to this, we still think the new Toyota Matrix is constructed for different type of people, with a different ways. Because this small vehicle, carris with itself every features , what everyone may need. It’s coming now with a much more safety specifics, with an extraordinary tehnology. If we would like to compare it for example to the other Toyota types, it could be justified to think on the famous Corolla, but also can appear some Yaris details as well. But still different from them. Maybe it could represent a combination of these two types, but of course in more perfect version.

Exterior and Interior

2017 Toyota Matrix back
The outside body lines are refined which gives to the vehicle an simply but elegant look. This four door car, will wear a new LED tehnology, headlight, taillights and fog lamps what will enable a good visuality in nasty weather, and all this entails a redesigned bumper as well. Also the trunk is designed this time to be more roomy, and comfortable inside.

Inside the cabin, they have been done nice changes, which will give a really nice and refreshed feeling for travelers. They will be surrounded with the latest tehnology systems on the dashboard, including airbags, side window curtain as well as front facet security, electronic stability handle, kid safety locks, brake assist etc. The Toyota Matrix is designed to be organised in two seat traces, which means 4 seats, with a plenty of space for legs, and seats are also foldeable. It ensures a really comforty and luxurious travel.
2017 Toyota Matrix interior

2017 Toyota Matrix Engine and Performance

When it comes to engines, we dont have any official data, except rumors. And they say there are going to be a few alternatives. One of them might be a 1.3 – liter 4 cylinder engine, and the seocnd one could be a 1.4 – liter diesel engine. The third one and also the strongest one could be a 1.8 –liter 4 cylinder engine, and could produce around 130 hp. The engines will be equipped with a 5 speed automatic transmission.

Release Date and Price

When will be conretely the release, we didn’t found any confirmed data, but we can assume that it’s going to be in the middle of the 2017 year. The price should start from $16.000 to $23,000, depending on it’s specifics and engine type.

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