2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Alfa car manufacturing company discontinued the production of the 159 model several years ago with the promise that it would come up with a better mid-sized sedan. Well, the 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia is here and it is the model that is set to wow many customers and to win gigantic sales for the manufacturer. From the images of the car that are in circulation, it is apparent that the model is well designed, modernized and luxurious. The latest Romeo Giulia has its specifications, features and price explored in this short feature;


Aluminium and carbon fiber are the primary materials used in the construction of the 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia to make it light in weight. The manufacturer claims to have used a 50:50 weight distribution so as to enhance the aerodynamic abilities of the car. With a weight of 1500kg, one can be certain that the suspension has not been compromised upon. This luxurious mid-sized sedan has 4 doors. Its frontage is distinct and has an aggressive look. Stylish headlights and a bigger bumper have been fitted neatly. On the rear, stylish taillights are present and have been expertly incorporated in the short tailgate. The bumper at the back is revamped and 17 inch alloy wheels are the agents of movement for the car that comes with dual exhaust pipes. All these aspects give the car a sleek and sporty outer appearance.


On the interior, a few changes are notable. Among these is the wider console on the center that is neatly finished with the higher trim levels being finished using fine leather. Infotainment features that are technologically advanced are also installed, for example, blue tooth connectivity, an audio player system, touch screen navigation and USB connectivity. Safety features that are reliable have also been fitted to guarantee the passengers a safe ride.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Engine and Performance

There are different engines that are available for this car that either consume petrol or diesel. The common feature about the engines is that they are all 4 cylinder engine models. Reports indicate that the base petrol engine is a 1.4 liter turbo-charged in line engine that can generate 110 or 180 horsepower. The other petrol option is a 1.8 liter I-4 that will produce 200 or 330 horsepower. On the other hand, the diesel options include a 1.6 liter V6 and a 3.3 liter engine model. In these options, the rear wheel driving mode is the sole option. The most anticipated engine make is the GTA make that is said to rival the Ferrari. This is a 3.0liter V6 engine model that can generate 500 horsepower and tolerate 500 pound feet of torque. In this make, the power is transmitted to the wheels using a 9 speed automatic gearbox. It is worth noting that the GTA engine is the most powerful engine that Alfa has ever used in its production. The engine will shoot from the initial mark to the 62mph mark in a mere 3.9 seconds.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Release Date and Price

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia has just made its debut into the market for retail. It was officially availed on 24th June, 2017. On the same day, the manufacturer celebrated its 105th year of operation. With the release coinciding with such an important anniversary, it is anticipated that the car will impress many people and lead to improved sales. The price at which the car will be retailing is set at a minimum of $38,990.

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