2018 Ford Escape Redesign and Changes

The 2018 Ford Escape is a child of the 3rd Ford’s generation of compact SUV’s. The other term for the Ford Escape is Ford Kuga. So if you hear that, don’t get confused. The 1st debate of the Ford Escape was at the 2011 LA Auto Show. The production of the current generation had begun in the 2012 year. It also carries the label of one of the most sold Ford’s SUV’s.

2018 Ford Escape Exterior Design

2018 Ford Escape side
The Escape model looks so good because it is made on the Global C platform. Based on what we can see on the preproduction model is the sports grille, the LED taillights, the sideview mirrors which will give you a very clear view, the wheels that were redesigned and the halogen projector headlamps. The highlights are made out of the chrome material. The outside glasses are acoustic which means that the noise of the wind and other outside factors is almost nonexistent. The White Gold will be offered as one of the colors for the Escape model beside the Lightning Blue and the Canyon Ridge. The direct competitors are: 2019 Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Toyota RAV4 .

2018 Ford Escape Interior Style

2018 Ford Escape interior
Many part of the Ford Escape are wrapped with leather like the front seats, the shifter and the steering wheel. The dashboard will remind you of the one that was placed for the last year model because it is almost the same. For the safety purposes here you have the lane keep assist technology, the forward collision warning system, the side mounted parking sensors, the conventional air bags and many other options. The Interior Riveal is Hyundai Santa Fe Sport.

2018 Ford Escape Engine Specs

The engines which will be offered with the Ford Escape are EcoBoost 4 cylinder with a displacement of 1.5 l and 180 hp while the other one is also EcoBoost 4 cylinder, but with a displacement of 2.0 l and the strength of 245 hp. The automatic transmission with 6 speeds is also included along with the shift paddles. The Start-Stop technology is also included.

2018 Ford Escape back

2018 Ford Escape Price and Release Date

If we rely on the Ford’s declaration that this model will be available as soon as the spring starts, this year and it is the only reliable information on which we can base our statements than it shouldn’t surprise us if that turns out to be true. There are 3 models of the 2018 Ford Escape. Those are the S which costs $23,600, the msrp for the SE is $25,100 and the starting msrp for the Titanium is the highest, it costs $29,100.

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