2018 Ford Galpin GTR1 Release Date and Price

If the devil will have to choose what to drive I can almost assure you that it would sit in this car. It was manufactured by the Galpin Auto Sports and the big debut happened at the 2013 Los Angeles Show. It was constructed in California. This car can brag for sharing the 1st place in the world with Formula One for one common feature and those are the carbon-carbon rotors. No other vehicle no matter who much it is expensive, it doesn’t have anything like that. The 1st time that it saw the daylight was in the California at the Pebble Beach.

2018 Ford Galpin GTR1 Exterior Design


It uses the RMR layout. When we look at the body it belongs to the sports cars with two doors. Disk brakes are also made out of the aluminum. With the Pirelli P Zero tires you can develop the full speed without damaging the 20 inch aluminum wheels.

Interior Style

We can see the air vents painted in silver. The steering wheel is very minimalistic without any unnecessary features. There aren’t any other colors beside the blue, black and silver. It looks too conspicuously. It wasn’t made for the long hour ride, but more for the short and fast ones. I don’t know if the seats are comfortable, with those wholes all over them or it is just made to for the 2018 Ford Galpin to look even more distinctive.

Engine Specs

If by any chance you will want to race with this untamable animal you would lose in a matter of not minutes, but seconds because it can accelerate from 0 -60 mph in 3 sec. and to develop the full speed of 225 mph very fast. The engine that has the famous number of 1024 hp is the twin turbocharged V8 with a 5.4 l displacement. It is measured that it has 739 pounds of torque. Another important factor is how much of the octane the driver uses that directly impacts the engine’s efficiency.

2018 Ford Galpin GTR1 Price and Relase Date

It looks good like heaven, but the only problem is that it costs as hell. The only way that you buy this cur under one million dollars is to buy a used version, but firstly you’d have to wait for many years for its value to decrease. This vehicle should be made in twenty copies, only we can’t predict when exactly.

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