2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird

History has repeated itself when it comes to Pontiac’s models the Trans Am and the Firebird. As back in 1969 when the first Trans Am was released as an upgraded version of the Firebird model, 2018 Pontiac Trans Am is an improved version of 2018 Firebird. Although muscle car lovers keenly anticipate its appearance on the market, there is still no official information concerning the release date of this model. It has been rumored that 2018 Pontiac Trans Am will be available in July next year, but all we can do is wait and see.


The successful cooperation of Chevrolet and Pontiac continues with this model, so 2018 Pontiac Trans Am has the same platform as Chevrolet Camaro. There are some evident changes in both the front and the rear end. Both the front fascia and the bumper have been remodeled and made more attractive with some rounded details. The LED lights have been repositioned in order to match the larger grille than in previous models. In order to improve stability of 2018 Pontiac Trans Am, Pontiac has combined side arches with the bumper curtains and put the thin lip spoiler at the back. Since this model can develop a high speed, it is necessary for drivers to feel safe while driving and maneuvering it.


We can say that 2018 Pontiac Trans Am interior is very elegant and sporty at the same time. Although Pontiac has made some changes in this aspect, trademark characteristics are still visible. Firstly, we notice very comfortable bucket seats at the front and 60/40 split rear seats at the back. What makes these seats stylish is leather of the highest quality they are covered with. In addition to very appealing instrument graphics, there are some fine details in the panels and the dash of this model. All the above mentioned characteristics have made a very positive impression when it comes to the interior of 2018 Pontiac Trans Am.


2018 Pontiac Trans Am has a 3.7-liter V6 engine which produces 280 pound-feet of torque with 305 horsepower. However, there are some more options apart from this standardized version. The power of this model can be boosted to 631 pound-feet of torque with 662 horsepower if you add the supercharged engine trim. When it comes to transmission, customers can also choose between a 6-speed automatic, Tremec 6-speed manual and 6-speed manual.

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2018 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird Release Date and Price

Concerning the fact that 2018 Pontic Trans Am is an improved and upgraded model, we can expect a greater cost than with previous models. The exact price will be announced after the model undergoes a price check, but we can expect$ 36.095 as a base MSRP.

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