2018 Toyota Supra – The Legend is Back

The 2018 Toyota Supra has shined through the whole 2015 Chicago Auto Show. Toyota has a valid reputation and it has built its name for a very long period of time on the good looks of their sports cars. They are the synonym for trust; otherwise they would’ve been replaced long time ago with some newer manufacturers. There is no doubt that they will continue with their influence on the market and with giving their competition a headache just on the mention of the Toyota’s automobiles. The Toyota 2000GT, the Toyota Supra and many other popular other models can confirm that statement.

Exterior Design

2018 Toyota Supra side
We must give honor to the CALTY Design Research teams which are a part of the Toyota’s North American Design crew for the original and unique design that separates this sport vehicle from the rest of the competition. One of the advantages of such design is that it reduces the airs resistance. The headlights are compared to the one that Formula 1 has. Biggest Competitors are 2020 Acura NSX GT3, Lexus LC.

2018 Toyota Supra Interior Style

2018 Toyota Supra interior
The interior will look like it is ahead of its time, I personally believe. The leather work is noticed on the seats and on the belts also. The space should be a problem, because they have taken care to leave enough room for the driver and the passengers. The JBL speakers will help you to listen to your favorite music on the whole another level. The

2018 Toyota Supra Engine Specs

The engine that will give the force to the Toyota FT-1 is the 6 cylinder turbocharged with a displacement of 3.0 liters that should be able to generate 335 hp. They have said that they don’t want to include the one with 700 hp. because there is already too much of them on the market, plus the fact that many drivers wouldn’t even need that, not to say that they wouldn’t even know how to handle such a force since they aren’t pros. If you consider the 335 hp weak there is another option for you. That is the hybrid that should be able to generate 473 hp. It should have the sequential gearbox.
2018 Toyota Supra review

2018 Toyota Supra Price and Release Date

The price shouldn’t be less than $60,000, neither higher than the $80,000. There aren’t any concrete facts about the release date, only speculations that it will become available after some other version of this model reach the dealers.

2018 Toyota Supra back

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