2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept – Minivan or SUV?

With Toyota announcing the last Fj Cruiser, and fans around the world were sad, Toyota announces new 2018 Fj Cruiser Concept that will appear at the Tokyo motor show. The biggest question you are asking is this a minivan, or an SUV? Well Toyota announced that it will actually new sub-genre, or how they said : ” the birth of a new van and SUV fusion genre”.


Maybe it is not to modern,but it remains a little bit of Fj, in modern way, but it is to different from CH-R and new models from Toyota. Headlight are “old School”, but kind of nice, don you think? If you still do not know what is ” TJ “, it is roughly stands for ‘Toolbox of Joy.


Although interesting, and something that we didn’t see in the past, Toyota announced that seats fold in all sorts of ways, and the passenger seat can fold completely flat, basically forming a bed. This is going to be very usiful, and you will be able to storage many thing, although it is not longer or wider than a Ford Focus.


Only information that we have so far about the engine, is that it will be 2.0-litre petrol engine mated to an electric motor and an automatic gearbox. The option you can choose are that you want front- or four-wheel drive. We still do not know about its actual off-road capabilities, and we are waiting for Toyota to present more info, but they said that its bulging fenders, hood and roof are finished in a scratch-resistant coating.

2018 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept Release Date and Price

We expect more info on Tokyo Sow, and info when Toyota going to release this Tj concept. As for the price,we all know that “great quality” has to be paid, so do not expect price under $40,000 aldow Toyota still did not anounced.

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