2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid

Along with the new 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid we are expecting certain alterations that will dazzle all the competition. The Ford team broadcasted that refreshing changes are coming, particularly for the European market. One of the main improvements is 7.6kW lithium battery which combined with gas engine is powering the vehicle.


It doesn’t matter what impression you had when you saw this car for the first time, we are certain that it will live up to your expectations when it comes to functionality and design. Even though it undoubtedly doesn’t have as racy look as the Ford Focus five-door, 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid is definitely sportier than the Prius Liftback and the Prius V wagon. Also, it has distinctive external details, which give to the vehicle hybrid look that you can’t miss. Some of the particulars that really caught our intention are stern-looking front end, smooth lines, and my personal favorite highlighted curved lines in shape of an arch above the wheels.


Interior of the 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid is amazingly sophisticated and on the way higher level than we expected it to be. Every element is perfectly combined with others in unbreakable unity, and you can see that everything has its purpose and place.

Compared to the present Toyota Prius with its plastic-feel inner space, The C-Max interior is on the entirely different level. Its top of the notch design, premium looking dashboard, colorful displays that can be easily configured, and soft-touch surfaces are just some of the features that make this model so unique and special.

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Engine

The engine and transmission combined together deliver 195 horsepower that is 54 horsepower more than the powertrain of the Toyota Prius. At lower speeds this Hybrid can go only powered by the electric motor, but only up to 62 mph. The C-Max incorporated HDC to help stay safe when it comes to slippery driveways.

2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid Release date and Price

When we consider all facts that we know about the 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid, it seems a little too much to pay approximately $32,000 for the basic model. This is a price for the American market and thankfully we have good news also. Extra features won’t be too expensive, so future owners will be able to afford every additional thing they planned for the new ride. We are expecting that this 2019 model will be on the American market at the beginning of the next year, and for now you can see this car only at exhibitions.

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