2019 Ford Caspi

In the past, every American household took pride in owning a wagon. Over the years, the design of the wagon became old and was replaced by the SUVs and the crossovers. Interestingly, renowned car designer Samir Sadikhov has recently designed the 2019 Ford Caspi Concept based on the wagon. The design used in this concept is unmistakably one of the best there is. Although the production of cars using the concept is far being actualization, the design proves that the wagon can reclaim acceptance in the contemporary world. So what does this Ford Caspi Concept entail? Let us find out below;


The inspiration for both the outer and inner design in the 2019 Ford Caspi Concept is drawn from varied aspects including furniture and architecture. On the outside, the car designed using the concept appears futuristic, aggressive and very powerful. It has an angular maw with the brand name FORD appearing boldly at its center. The wheel arch are equally bold and they navigate through to t he front and back side of the automobile. Its exhaust pipe is square and is centered.


On the interior, the aggressiveness cannot be overlooked. The car has two seats that are neatly finished similar to the exotic seats that would be found in a luxurious and sporty yatch. Grippingly, the floor of the car is wooden. So at to create an appealing contrast, the seat backs and the dashboard are brushed in aluminium. Being a futuristic car, the steering wheel resembles that in an airplane. On the center of the console is an inlayed touch screen interface that appears to be floating. Although the safety features and equipment in this machine are not visible in picture, the 2019 Ford Caspi Concept takes care of that. Very modernized and technologically advanced security features will certainly be installed once the process of production has began. Additionally, the infotainment features will equally be advanced and relevant to the modern age generation.

Engine and Performance

The designer of the Ford Caspi Concept is yet to disclose the kind of engine that cars built on the concept will use. The engine, however, must be very powerful. It must also be economical with regard to the fuel consumption rate. Additionally, the concept ought to produce cars that are friendly to the atmosphere. Some Ford car enthusiasts and experts are already suggesting that a 5.0 liter V8 engine would be suitable. This engine is found in the 2015 Ford Mustang and has the ability to produce 435 horsepower.

2019 Ford Caspi Concept Release Date and Price

The release date for cars made using the 2019 Ford Caspi Concept is unknown. That is so because the process of production is yet to commence. All interested persons need to get regular updates about the concept so as to know when it will be actualized. The price is also yet to be known. Owing to the fact that the production process will entail very advanced technology and the features in this kind of car will be top notch, the futuristic car made using this concept is likely to be a bit pricey.

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