2019 Honda CR-V

There has been a lot of anticipation brewing among Honda lovers especially fans of previous crossover versions i.e. HR-V and CR-V. These models have been a hit due to their packaging that is only comparable to expensive rides but for a fair price. Their 4-wheel drive feature makes them safe to drive with a fuel consumption that belies their size. They aren’t too bad to look at; in fact, this new 2019 Honda CR-V can be described as modern and stylish.

2019 Honda CR-V Redesign

New CR-V is the new entrant in the market and has been kicking up quite a buzz in the automotive world. Although minor changes have been made due to its predecessor that came out in 2016, they are significant changes. Some popular features like the award winning electronic braking system that is as a result of the Honda sensing technology have been retained.

Interior and Exterior

The new model is set get some revamping in key areas that their predecessors lacked. The prototype pictures released by the Japanese manufacturer show an improvement in the exterior design more so on the rear and front ends. The headlights are have been narrowed to portray a sleeker front which is further pronounced by a grille that’s smaller. As a result, the front bumpers are well formed resulting in a smoother finish.

The interior has also been upgraded to include a more spacious cargo space with fold-able seats that add to the available space. The rear door of the trunk has also been changed to allow easier access when loading and unloading cargo. Overall, the interior space in this car has been increased thus expect more room for legs, shoulders and head.

The seats are covered in luxurious leather making it stylish and modern especially since the base material is made of steel. The dashboard is also sleeker and less cluttered than previous models. There is also touch screen of 7 inches for entertainment and navigation.

It comes with Honda Lane Watch which is a feature that takes control of the vehicle for a while in case of an emergency. The 17 inch alloy wheels are a bonus for the ultimate road experience making this car’s traction a force to reckon with. All these features combined are meant to vastly improve the safety of driving this SUV like no other.

Engine and Performance

The 2019 Honda CR-V comes with engine options for its customers to choose from. These include the 2.4L with in-line 4 cylinders and a horsepower of 185. Others expected include a 2.2L with a 150 horsepower delivery and 2.0L VTEC that generates a horsepower of 155. A diesel version with a 1.6L i-DTEC with 118 horsepower is also expected. All these engines have dual-clutch that is modern and a gearbox with six options for optimum performance.

2019 Honda CR-V Release date and Price

Although, not confirmed, this car is expected to hit the market in the spring of 2018 with a price tag of around $24,000. This can be slightly higher or lower depending on the market.


Overall, this car sounds like a good buy as you the experience, the style and the comfort all for a good price. 2019 Honda CR-V looks like the whole nine yards as the redesigns have perfected this model into a fine specimen.

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