2019 Mercedes-Benz F015

Mercedes-Benz cars are renowned for being high quality and having state of the art designs and features. The 2019 Mercedes-Benz F015 is a car of the future world where luxury, time and space are elemental. The astonishing aspect about this car is its ability to drive itself which will allow the user to enjoy other features like the Internet. The specifications of this model are detailed here to allow for clearer imagination of this high end car that has been labeled “luxury in motion”, prior to its official release.


The appearance of this pod shaped luxury car will scream of uniqueness and worth. Its smooth outer body will be made of carbon fiber armored plastic, aluminium and sturdy steel. The actual size of the F015 will be 2 metres width and 5 meters in length. Its body will be low cut with a stretched and horizontal windscreen. The gorgeous salon type doors, both at the front and the rear, will open at an angle of 90 degrees. Large wheels that will measure 26 inches will move the machine standing on a 12 feet long base around. LED modules will be installed both at the front and the back to facilitate communication with the outside world. By weight, this automobile will be 40% lighter than the preceding version, a factor that will enhance its overall performance.


For its standard, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz F015 will pride in having a perked up interior. The cabin will be spacious for maximum comfort of the user. The four superior seats will be arranged in a unique manner which will allow the user to rotate them as they deem fit. White nappa leather will be used to plaster them stylishly. The lounge will be very luxurious and equipped with high speed Internet ability. Another captivating feature on the inside will be the elegant walnut wood floor. Six display screens will make the visual arena complete by forming a 360 degrees view. Passengers will be able to interact with the car using eye tracking, gestures and updated touch screens.

2019 Mercedes-Benz F015 Engine and Performance

The power train of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz F015 will combine electric motor, lithium ion battery and hydrogen fuel cells. Two electric motors that will be located on the rear side will generate up to 272 horsepower and 294 pound feet of torque. The engine will be very powerful as it will be able to shoot up from the 0 to 100mph mark in a mere 6.7 seconds. Its highest speed ability will be 200kph which is equivalent to 124mph. A range of 1100 km will be covered by the car after a single charge. Furthermore, it will be able to employ a used battery for up to 200 miles. Both autonomous and manual systems of driving will be available for the driver to choose from. With regard to self-driving, which majority of the people are interested in, the driver will be able to monitor and control the car using the LED display screens in addition to a laser projection function at the front. Acoustic signals and directions will be provided for added safety.

2019 Mercedes-Benz F015 Release Date and Price

The actual date in which the futuristic 2019 Mercedes-Benz F015 is hidden from the public. People are left to speculate thus there are many ongoing rumours about it.

Considering that no other advanced car like this exists in the market, the expected price range is extremely difficult to state. The manufacturer has also not said anything about the same. One thing is for sure though, it will be very expensive to afford one.

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