2020 Acura NSX GT3

The new and seriously redesigned 2020 Acura NSX GT3 is ready and prepared for teasing the imagination of the old but also the new buyers and fans. Redesigning is noticed not only in outside design but in term of energy usage and new hybrid powertrain utility, opening for the new types of buyers. However, Acura has named this car as sporty, so you should be prepared for speed and no limitations in accelerations, while the design as inside as outside is amazingly changed to attract attention and cause admiration and envy. So, let see what is so interesting and amazing in this car.


Changed and redesigned chassis on 2020 Acura NSX GT3 is simply the first thing we should point on in this description. As a combination of the melted plastic, aluminum and metal, new Acura has been made as an attraction. The interesting front end, practically whole made of mesh grille is separated on two half with a metallic curved line with an aluminum line on the top, just below the hood. Two trapezoidal air intakes are at the ends of the front bumper, rounded with curved metal. Front LED lights are thin and sharp, following the shape of the hood, too. The side of the car has interesting curved shape, with additional protection on the rear bumper, slightly wide and curved. The dark flat roof covers the car and makes its shape more rounded and egg-like. On the first glance, it is a classic sports coupe with modern details and designed for the future generation.


We can be sure what is really inside of the 2020 Acura NSX TG3 since the manufacturer has not shared with us much information, but leather in a combination of the quality fabric and elegance is visible on the photos we saw. Modern designed dashboard has also a combination of aluminum and plastic, with visible and approachable commands and buttons.


It is simply not possible to avoid the story about the new hybrid engine in 2020 Acura NSX GT3. That is because the new engineer in a factory, Jason Widmer, has predicted that in 10 years from now there will not be any car without the electric engine. That means that Acura gets the best hybrid version it has, with a 3.5-liter V6 basic engine with 573 horsepower. That the electric engine can be as fast as any other petrol proves the acceleration speed of only 3.1 seconds needed for reaching the speed of 60 mph.

2020 Acura NSX GT3 Release Date and Price

The site carandriver.com confirmed the basic price for 2020 Acura NSX GT3 of around $157,000, with releasing date somewhere at the end of the years.

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