2020 BMW i8

2020 BMW i8

The second most expensive model in the company’s lineup is about to get some significant changes in the future. Although the current generation is present for only four years, Bavarian carmaker already works on the next-generation model, if we can trust the latest reports. According to them, we will see some significant design changes on the second-generation model. This one will probably come as 2020 BMW i8. Unlike the current model which features a hybrid powertrain, the new one will go full electric. We expect to see a huge power boost and a significant improvement in terms of performances.


2020 BMW i8 review

The current model still looks very fresh, so it would be quite hard to make a prediction of the new look. The 2020 BMW i8 will definitely come with a bunch of changes, though we can’t say anything more precise at the moment. Considering the fact the new generation will feature an all-electric powertrain, we should see a lack of some design solutions that are common among cars that use internal-combustion engines. For example, the new 2020 BMW i8 should feature a closed kidney grill since the electric car doesn’t need so much fresh air under the hood. Also, expect to see a lot of bodywork that will improve aerodynamics. Those are things like bumpers with big openings, massive side wings etc.


2020 BMW i8 side

Another aspect where we expect to see a bunch of novelties is interior. The cabin of new 2020 BMW i8 should come with various changes compared to the current model. We will see a completely new layout, which includes a completely new dashboard as well. In BMW’s traditional manner, the new dashboard will be driver-focused and besides new trim and styling, we expect to see a bunch of new tech features. Of course, this refers to a large touchscreen interface, but also to some new safety and driver-assist features.


As we’ve already mentioned, the new 2020 BMW i8 will go fully electric. The current model comes with a hybrid powertrain which consists of a gasoline engine and two electric motors. A total output goes around 357 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque. Despite car’s great performances, we must admit that this amount doesn’t seem enough, especially if we consider other hybrid sports cars at this price range, like Acura NSX. Considering an all-electric powertrain, the new 2020 BMW i8 won’t compete with hybrids anymore. It will compete with all-electric sports cars, such as new Nio EP9. The second-generation i8 will feature three hi-output electric motors, with a max power around 750 hp. This is a significant boost compared to the current model, so big improvements in terms of performances are expected as well. Speaking of autonomy, expect a range of around 300 miles.

2020 BMW i8 back

2020 BMW i8 Release Date and Price

The new 2020 BMW i8 should come in about two years. While the current models go around $145,000, the new version is expected to come closer to the $200k mark.




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