2020 BMW X7

2020 BMW X7 review

After we saw 2020 BMW X7 we can say that BMW will not stay aside while other popular manufacturers earn money on luxury SUV cars. Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz already have their luxury cars which had many interested buyers recognizing the market demands and wishes of rich buyers. However, BMW has not been successful from the beginning in this aim to reach the first position on the market. The last model has many complaints and was much smaller than we expect from this manufacturer, so we cannot wait to see what they have changed in the new model.


2020 BMW X7 side

Being a luxury SUV 2020 BMW X7 has no much space for experiments in outside design. Fans already recognized details from the last model, X5 but also a bigger size and some details in front and rear end. However, there still stands a large grille with traditional grids separated in two parts, as we used to see on BMW cars. Nothing much has found on the side of the car like special lines and curves, but it surely has modern and stylized rear lights and rounded rear end.


2020 BMW X7 interior

Those who like BMW will be surprised with the size of the cabin in new 2020 BMW X7 with space for seven grown passengers. Comfort and luxury in the cabin are perhaps the first things which keep this car in a line of the luxury sedans, even though the manufacturer has much higher expectations in making SUV car for even off-road challenges.

2020 BMW X7 Engine

It is likely that 2020 BMW X7 will have the same engine options as on previous sedan models. That means that we should expect a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine with 320 horsepower in the basic model, stronger version 4.4-liter V8 with 445 horsepower and a possibly version with the V12 engine but only for the Russian market, so, other countries should be satisfied with those smaller versions. It is also expected to have hybrid and diesel option in every of those versions and all-wheel driving system as a standard option. For those who still want to have an off-road vehicle, not matter how luxury it is, there will be additions for that purposes, too, like low range transfer case and locking differentials. All of those is only because BMW wants to go further than making luxury sedans and crossovers and start with models for all purposes.

2020 BMW X7 Release Date and Price

When first models come from South Carolina, where is planned to be a production line for 2020 BMW X7, we can expect to see it in the car showrooms for the basic price of $70.000 which could go over $125.000 according to speculations and rumors.

Competitors: Range Rover, Mercedes GLS-class, Audi Q7, 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser.

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