2020 Dodge Coronet Concept

2020 Dodge Coronet Concept

We sure that you are thrilled to see the confirmation about the releasing of the new 2020 Dodge Coronet Concept, but that can be a misunderstanding. The news that the Coronet, a new version of the popular car from 70’s, could be released next year caused high interests among the old owners of this car. Those who are not remembered how this model was popular, or have not been born then, can predict the look and impression this car leaves on the street. But, let be honest, as much we love to see a modern version of this car, many knowers say that is could be actually a new Dodge Charger, the second popular car from Dodge. So, the article will be based on rumors and similarities with the redesign 2020 Charger, which releasing is confirmed for next year.


2020 Dodge Coronet Concept front

Even though some rumors said that 2020 Dodge Coronet Concept could be made on Alfa or its own new platform, it is more likely that is will be a Giorgio platform, now used on Giulia from Alfa Romeo. However, even many rumors claim that it will be different from the outgoing Charger, it will be pretty much the same, with maybe a little longer wheelbase and more sportier look, mostly expressed in the front end.


2020 Dodge Coronet Concept interior

As the opposite of the exterior design, the inside of 2020 Dodge Coronet Concept could be completely redesigned, following the all modern cars goal to be more attractive and comfortable. That includes a leather (perhaps in combination with the quality fabric), more curved cabin, with additional “pocket” for wider seats or other equipment. Speaking about the equipment, although Dodge has not shared that with us, we expect the best in that field, knowing how much Dodge invests in infotainment system. Some commentators found that new cabin in Coronet (and Charger) is similar to Chrysler Pacifica.


As we know that new 2020 Dodge Coronet Concept should be at least for 500 pounds lighter that mean that Dodge will put lighter engine as well. That could be the same engine as Wrangler’s 2.0-liter four-inline petrol engine with around 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. The stronger versions could get a 3.0-liter engine with 400 horsepower as on new Maserati. Those engines are expected to be followed by a six-speed transmission, with the optional manual or automatic version, according to the market where the model should be sold.

2020 Dodge Coronet Concept back

2020 Dodge Coronet Concept Release Date and Price

As we said, we can predict if 2020 Dodge Coronet Concept will be made as the unique model, or it will be just a version of Dodge Charger, but whatever it be, the manufacturer will share the details later this year.

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