2020 Dodge Journey’s Redesign

2020 Dodge Journey

The new 2020 Dodge Journey is one of the greatest novelties which Detroit Auto Show announced so it is true what some SUV fans said, that Detroit this year has not disappointed even the most spoiled buyers. However, the new Dodge, as the 10th generation of this car, simply has to be perfect, modern and perfect designed, but still traditional so the old buyers can recognize the details they loved in this car. It seems that manufacturer has incorporated that in this model, so we cannot wait to see this new mid-size crossover on the street. According to the photos, the competition should be prepared for it.


2020 Dodge Journey doors

It is not hard to predict that Dodge wanted to keep the recognizable details in 2020 Dodge Journey, so the old fans will know what to look. Considering the new market and high interests for the SUVs, the last couple of the years forced Dodge to change some things so it is actually a new and redesigned car. The front grille is consisted of four parts, with the metallic sign plus in the middle of the mesh, wide and sharp LED front lights and massive chromatic line over the lower end of the front bumper. Looking from the side, the design supports the simplicity with the practically cubic shape of the car without lines and curves, while the rear end is average designed for the SUVs, with the square lights. The main design competitor is new Ford Escape.


2020 Dodge Journey interior

The inside of 2020 Dodge Journey is not much different from the last models. Making this car for the family driving, Dodge has made a comfort and wide cabin, with modern dashboard and interesting chrome curved line all over it. The large touchscreen in the middle of it is perfectly shaped and well incorporated in the cabin design. It is expected that Dodge will not save the money to make the cabin for the future generation with all available equipment for that purposes.


The basic model of 2020 Dodge Journey will be equipped with the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with 175 horsepower, while higher versions will have 3.0-liter V6 with 180 horsepower. Both engines should be paired with six-speed automatic transmission. That is practically all we know by now about this model, but we can confirm that Dodge will not go much further with the speed and engine strength, having a plan to make a car for the families and comfort, not speed driving. The main engine competitor is Toyota Highlander 2020.

2020 Dodge Journey back

2020 Dodge Journey Release Date and Price

For the average price of only $22,000 buyers will get a new car from the famous manufacturer, and knowing that 2020 Dodge Journey comes as a replacing of the old Durango, we have a lot of reasons to choose this mini-van for our next shopping. For the similar price you should check for new Jeep Cherokee.

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